PS4 Pro games that still looks good compared to Xbox One X

Ever since the Xbox One X was released worldwide, people were eager to find out how games looked and performed on the new console. Sure, it is currently the most powerful console and may be a little bit better than the PS4 but that doesn’t mean that the PS4 games, especially the ones optimized for the Pro are subpar.

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Themba76361d ago

and this is why picked the pro last year from the get go yes the xbox one x is more powerful i knew this last year but its not about power alone because if that was the case the original xbox should have dominated the ps2 as the original xbox was far more powerful than ps2 but ps2 not only beat xbox but gamecube as well that says that its about the games and xbox does not have games that i like gears is getting tired now and halo started to suck when halo 4 was out
and im not much of a racing fan so what are you left with is a system thats a good system for multiplats and good for multiplayer games too bad i love singleplayer games mostly so that is the main reason why i picked the pro and the one x and even that much more powerful than the pro not like how the ps2 was to the original xbox.

TheKingKratos361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

from this article Uncharted,Horizon,R&C,GTS all are the best looking games this gen so far can't wait for Ghost of tsushima and Detroit become human,Days Gone,God of War, Spiderman, or The Last of Us 2,Death Stranding
Great time to be Playstation(Pro) gamer

SirBradders360d ago

Great time to be a gamer full stop.

Sony and Nintendo dominated this year, next year also looks to be wrapped up before it's even started.

S2Killinit360d ago

Nothing on xbone will come clise to God of War next year.

Altovoltage360d ago

Great time to be a gamer period regardless of your console of choice there’s also third party titles that work on the Xbox one. I’m blessed that I can afford both consoles but when it comes to first party titles PS has the best studios in my opinion.

Skull521360d ago

We are seeing huge difference in graphics. Remember when everyone could see the difference in 720p vs 900p (518,400 pixels)? Now we are seeing 2160p vs 1440p (4,608,000 pixels) and people want to claim the difference isn’t huge, even though it’s 9x the difference we saw in PS4 and XBO.

strifeblade360d ago

damn sounds like a butthurt article trying to console the pro owners LOL

JackBNimble360d ago

We are seeing differences in resolution not graphics, get it right.

Skull521360d ago

Oh I'm sorry, when you PC game, where in the options do you find resolution again? Graphics? Oh yeah that's right... resolution is a huge factor in how the final product looks whether you care to admit it or not, it's a fact. Crank everything up to ultra and put it at 480p then 2160p and tell me what looked better.

Ju360d ago

XBO vs PS4 isn't the same thing as Pro vs. X. First, the original XB really runs like sh!t compared to the PS4. The UI is just sluggish, it isn't just the lower resolution, but in the majority of titles also performs worse than the PS4. Yet it costs the same - well, look at the incentives MS dished out to sell this thing. Yes, the X seems to be a wonderful product (minus the fact it's still an XBox and basically looks and feels the same), but the Pro - even though not to the extend - expands on an already great product. Pro games perform fantastic. Maybe in the beginning studios pushed it too much; but right now it out performs all other consoles, incl. the X occasionally; even if it doesn't reach the pixel count - it certainly has 0 disadvantage in the framerate. So, well, you can boost all about 100% pixel count when in reality it's hardly visible and the Pro (and even the Slim) games perform the same.

Aenea360d ago


480p vs 2160p is rather extreme example, what we're talking about is 1440p vs 2160p.
Also screen size and viewing distance determines how easily one can see a higher resolution which is sometimes forgotten.

As for your ridiculous example, let's crank up some settings to Ultra at 1800p vs the lowest settings possible at 2160p, see what people tell you what looks better....

indysurfn360d ago

Sweet....and I just saw a PS4 commercial saying PS4 STARTING at $199.99
So it is really going to be a tough sell of 499 when someone can get a PS4 and a SWITCH for the same price! With all the exclusive games PS4 and SWITCH has it is
only going to be bleeding edge xboxers getting that system for the most part.

RacerX360d ago

The damage control is real around here... Get over it, the X1X is superior in the graphics department. Just as the PS4 was arguably better than the X1...

Accept it and move on... Arguments n pixel density in a comment section can't change FACTS....

Remember, facts don't care about your feelings.

360d ago
Ceaser9857361359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

"damn sounds like a butthurt article trying to console the pro owners LOL"
irony level over 9000 isn't.. dont you think Xbox fanboys were butthurt from the get go when their console wasn't doing well and they had to actually go ahead and make a powerful console which actually created a much bigger gap between the X and OG xbox one/S and here the gap between the Ps4 and Pro aint huge that's why you will notice games looks fine on both the system and most didnt feel like upgrading to the Pro AND why do you think Pro or ps4 owners are worried?? Ya! had we had less appealing exclusives or so on then that would worry us but that's not the case here... From all the X vs Pro comparison video max had to zoom in to see proper detailing i bet most dont even notice detailing while gaming ya unless you are talking about PS2 era gfx vs Xbox one X.. So i suggest you to calm down and worry about how MS will enhance the X , will it focus now more on FIRST PARTY GAMES or as usual try to lure Third party devs to make timed or lifetime exclusive..

indysurfn359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

On a side note I noticed all the people saying resolution doesn't matter just give me 60/fps have FLIP/FLOPPED, suddenly saying XBOX ONE X is that bomb because of RESOLUTION!!!

Wow you mean resolution all the sudden matter again? Why didn't they matter when it was 900P gate? Or horizon zero dawn 4k HDR was not as good as when you used the 60/fps mode instead? Did all the fakers that did not own a PS4 pro all the sudden stop saying that because X1X is out? Yep....The answer is YEP!

thesoftware730359d ago

@S2, How the hell do you know that?

mikeslemonade359d ago

Horizon on Pro probably looks better than any game on the X. Sometimes it's about the game.

IamTylerDurden1359d ago

Horizon, Uncharted, R&C, GT Sport, MLB The Show, Knack 2, Infamous, TESO (huge improvement native 4K), Wipeout, TLoU, and Gravity Rush 2 look great on PS4 Pro. Even Crash and Hellblade are great looking even though they only run 1440p.

Smokingunz359d ago

Great time to be an Xbox one x owner. The only Sony exclusive I like are uncharted, resistance.

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yeahokwhatever360d ago

Do you get some sort of rush from making really long sentences? Let me try..
Here goes ok so I'm starting this long sentence in hopes I can feel whatever Themba76 feels when he climbs this Mt Everest of run-ons I'm assuming there's some sort of payoff to it otherwise why would anyone make a sentence that long that has so many ideas in it without ever breaking I mean its not like you write things to not be read by anyone so its GOT TO have a payoff well I'm like 5 lines deep and I still feel nothing other than the escape of brain cells and years of education specifically designed to not let this happen to my sentences and yet here I am still typing working my way towards insanity for me and whoever might be stupid enough to try to read this for whatever reason oh by the way I also have a PS4 Pro and it's great way more fasterer than my PS2 ever was even when throwing it there's just way more games and stuff on the GameCube worth playing than Dreamcast can swim in Jupiter's currents of sweat and fungus from within the throne of the taken cube of misery and the desert pains you can feel in the symphony of time and space colliding like lovers in the daylight and I honestly don't know what I'm even typing at this point because it doesn't matter because again nobody will actually bother to read my seemingly endless sentence of nonsense oh yeah xbox.

feju359d ago

Don't forget, weaker fangirls love the exclusive "soupy textures" more than anything. They just love hand-painting grade visuals that are looking flat with oversaturated colors, just the opposite of real world visuals.

hamburgerhill360d ago

"and this is why picked the pro last year from the get go yes the xbox one x is more powerful i knew this last year but its not about power alone because if that was the case the original xbox should have dominated the ps2 as the original xbox was far more powerful than ps2 but ps2 not only beat xbox but gamecube as well that says that its about the games and xbox does not have games that i like gears is getting tired now and halo started to suck when halo 4 was out "

Xbox dominated both PS2 and GameCube as far as power went, exciting new exclisives and its online infrastructure. Sales should not be what matters and never will be for the gamer! It's the quality of games which the OG Xbox did have. MS hasn't even announced its games yet for X1X which we know are in the works even if also coming to the S. The graphics crown trash talk will soon be over. Nothing on PS4 Pro will ever be up to the potential it could of had on the X1X.

Longshot810360d ago

Please stop. The x1x is a powerful system yes, but it's NOT going to usher in all new possibilities. The games are what matters and Microsoft has failed to see that this gen. I personally think that Microsoft will focus on a streaming service since they actually make 0 dollars on every x1x they sell.

Longshot810360d ago

Also if any games are announced, they will most likely be coming in about 2 to 3 years afterwards. Sounds like next gen to me.

Ceaser9857361359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Hamburgerhill LMAO!!

"MS hasn't even announced its games yet for X1X which we know are in the works even if also coming to the S. The graphics crown trash talk will soon be over.

Good that you feel that way.. Please do be strong....

"Nothing on PS4 Pro will ever be up to the potential it could of had on the X1X.""
DAMN!! i hope you dont be super disappointed and then become defensive .... but hey! i like how confident you are.. we need fans like you to entertain the community here..

OH! I agree the X is a powerful system but that wont help the X to reach new heights..

Themba76359d ago

your wrong on that one gamecube was more powerful than og xbox I own both systems. What I meant by that statement is it doesn't matter how more powerful your system is (trust me I hated the ps2 back then and wanted xbox and gamecube to defeat it) but the ps2 just had a vastly superior game library and thats why it won.

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badz149360d ago

unless upcoming multiplat games are starting to play 60fps on the X but only 30fps on the Pro, the X has nothing but resolution to boast about. the games will still play the same. 4K is not THAT mainstream yet and most gamers even on PC still game mainly at 1080p. and xbox fanboys are really calling 1440p res on the Pro as something of a lesser quality? LOL talk about over-exaggerating things

notachance360d ago

MS also never gave us proof of that 'cloud powah that's only possible on XB1' bullshit, never stopped stupid fanboys from completely forgetting the tagline they defend for years and now buying the very thing that contradicts it.

if you XB fanboys have the time, why not protest about that? imagine the XB1X combined with cloud power, super ultra mega 8K display baby!!

and no, XBL only good for multiplayer in certain countries only, namely NA/UK
at least in my country it's completely abandoned, not like PS and Nintendo which have local support

oh, the amount of stupid shits that think MS provide the same treatment globally like they do US...

Apex13359d ago

Utter rubbish. I bet you were one who also said the switch isn’t powerful enough and it’s a joke lol

Shineon359d ago

@Themba 76 Gamecube was weaker than Xbox and in some ways it was even weaker than ps2.When it comes to the actual specs, the Xbox is the most powerful with a 733-MHz processor, leaving PS2 and GameCube in the dust at 295 and 485 MHz, respectively. It also comes with a 233-MHz graphics processor and 64MB of total memory while gamecube had 24kb of memory sir.

359d ago
bolimekurac359d ago

it sure was about power for the first 4 years the ps4 was doing a higher res.

all of s sudden the story has changed

Critic4l_Strik3359d ago

Where are the commas at dude???

IamTylerDurden1359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

PS4 Pro has numerous games at native 4K and even at native 4K 60fps just as xbone x has numerous games that use checkerboard rendering, dynamic 4k, or that simply run below 2160p. Neither console is purely native 4K, both achieve native 4K at times. This propaganda that Pro is a checkerboard console and X is a native 4K console is silly. Even if X achieves native 4K more often, they can both achieve it.

Resolution certainly helps with visual presentation, but actual graphics/poly counts are more important. This is why Horizon and Uncharted are still the best looking console games this gen even though neither technically hit native 4K. Horizon on PS4 Pro with an HDR 4K TV is the best looking console game to date regardless of what xbox can run in native 4K. Likely God of War and TLoU 2 will be the best looking console games this gen, and perhaps Ghost of Tsushima.

Kribwalker357d ago

HZD on the pro does not look better then AC origins or Gears of war 4 on the OneX.

Smokingunz359d ago

Nice try, the original Xbox didn't outsell the ps2 because Sony established their name and trust with it's fans from the success of the the ps1, the xbox was a new comer to the console business and thus had to prove itself. The xbox was a set up for the 360 which crushed the ps3 in sales and was the most favored console by both devs and gamers facts! Also if it wasn't for the shady deal with the chip maker of the first Xbox the console would've stayed on the market longer and achieved more sale but the 360 cleaned that mess up.

As for the GameCube, Nintendo one step forward and two step backwards, the n64 g cartridges was the first downfall of Nintendo, going into the gamecube era with the failure of the n64 on gamers minds still, the gamecube was a crazy name, the controller wasn't great, the system looked too kiddy and there wasn't a DVD player that hurt the gamecube big time.

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DeadSilence361d ago

Ps4 Pro games look spectacular, in particular exclusives.

Condemnedman360d ago

they do look great but they would look better on the X but because they are only on ps4 it's easy to say it.

ILostMyMind360d ago

And much better on PC. What is the point?

Toolster360d ago

Please electrocute your own head and stop riding the PC bandwagon into every console thread.

Longshot810360d ago

it's true. They would look better, but they need to have their own titles to truly display the power of the system

Ju360d ago

...and much better on the PS5. and...

360d ago
RacerX360d ago


I agree with your statement... It's just way funny because 99% of the time every PS4 owner would disagree with you to oblivion, but when you say it to counter an Xbox One X comment, you get all of their agrees!!!

Way too funny.

MrVux000359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

In theory every game released in past 20 or so years would have looked better, if developers and users had super-computers used by NASA.

Also the main feature of "under-powered" consoles such as Playstation and Xbox is delivering high results from low grade HW.

In theory they would look *slightly* better (ofc to some people resolution and performance is their number one priority, so to them it would be *much* better) , on both the X and high grade PC, but what is the point of innovation if all you have to do is stick better HW and TA-DA there you have better graphics(goes without saying that you should also have talented first party teams and top quality engine/dev tolls).

Innovation was always developing amazing visual results from little resources. The day we start taking statements like "this exclusive would look better on X or Y platform cuz it has more HW power" as a serious argument is the day consoles,the first party development teams and mainly the word *innovation* lose their meaning.

tontontam0359d ago

All games will look better on a gaming pc, unfortunately it is hard to prove it to console fanboys it is as if their eyesight degrade by 1000x when you show pc graphics to console fanboys. But when xbox one x all of them became hypocrites.

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cbuc1125361d ago

I think all my Pro games still look good. Beyonce is beautiful, but it doesn't mean my wife is chopped liver all of a sudden.🐵

spreadlove360d ago ShowReplies(11)
G3ng4r359d ago

You married your ps4 pro? Brand loyalty has gone way too far.

jrshankill359d ago

Im glad this article makes you feel better.


kayoss359d ago

Beyonce looks great... with a team of professional make up artist. Take all the make up away. She's just an average woman who can sing and is very rich. My wife, she is naturally beautiful without the make up. So i will stick with my wife.

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ZehnDrachen361d ago

Some people from Xbox don't understand that resolution does not equal graphics.

SirBradders360d ago

I think people in general don't realise that, they just see raw numbers.

spreadlove360d ago

You don’t need raw number to see 5e power of X. If you can’t, get your eyes checked. Eye disease is very dangerous.

ZehnDrachen360d ago (Edited 360d ago )


Again. Resolution is not graphics..

Ashlen360d ago


How many more pixels does Horizon or Uncharted have on xbox vs PS4? How many pixels will Ghosts of Tsushima, Spider-Man, Detroit: Become Human, God of War, Dragon Quest XI or any of the other 1'st and 3'rd party exclusives have on xbox?

The raw numbers tell me PS4 has more games.

mcstorm360d ago

Tbh it's all tit for tat.

Sony fans have talked all this gen about which console has the most power and that most Xbox one games are 900p.

Now Xbox fan boys will talk about how games hit 4k 60fps on the x and not on the pro. For me I've never given a s### about any of that. I still have an amiga32, dreamcast and game cube. Graphics looks poor on them all compared to today's games but they are still as fun as the day I got them.

Greapics are good but for me never the reason I get a console.

Best way to be is buy the console/consoles you want with the games you want and let others do the same as we all like different things.

Why o why360d ago (Edited 360d ago )


My fello Amiga man, jeese, I had an atari st before that. Good times especially since I had zero responsibilities back then.

Its fair the banter of power should be lauded by xbox fans even though they were going on like they didnt care too much for the majority of the gen but that wasnt the main stick ps fans were beating xbox fans and neither was sales.. It was EXCLUSIVES and has been since last gen. Yeah some ps fans may feel pissed that their console isnt the most powerful anymore for sure but they've been blessed with a gaming consoles main comodity consistently. More in quantity, quality and variety.

Army_of_Darkness360d ago

@spreadlove you're right bro, minecraft in 4k totally wipes out Horizon zero dawn and uncharted 4 visually no question about thaa ....... wait a tick......

RacerX360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

It was only all about resolution PS4 vs X1 for the last few years. Every Xbox 1 owner made your exact graphics argument, and all PS4 guys did was laugh....

Wow how things have changed.

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Doggy123360d ago

Should’ve explained that 2 years ago when ps4 fan boys where praising better resolution lol

ZehnDrachen360d ago

2 Years ago the PS4 DID have better resolution...

360d ago
Doabarrelroll360d ago

Or maybe last gen when xbox fanboys started this stupid resolution nonsense

KickSpinFilter360d ago

Look at it this way:
Checkerboard 4K rendering to native 4K is of diminishing returns. Let's look at a beach it's boulders versus rocks for an (extreme) illustration, that was org XB1 to PS4, now we move to XB1X vs PS4 Pro. To illustrate we start looking at sand in Hawaii compared to sand in CapeCod, USA. From the same distance that we were looking at the boulders and rocks. While the sand in Hawaii is much more fine than the course sand at the Cape we can't tell the difference really from that same distance as we were from the boulders and rocks. Sure if you get on your hands and knees ya it's a big difference from 6 inches away! Most sit at least 6 feet away from their sand errrr TV. So there's that.

360d ago
Rude-ro360d ago

2 years ago, $100 dollars cheaper AND this gen of a console with a gaming company making games...
Three consoles and not one single new 1st party AAA game with false promises of the cloud making your console 4x More powerful was also fun to make fun of.

Father__Merrin359d ago

PS4 and Xbox one came out at same time and for same price and release schedule the resolution was higher, some titles looked blurry on Xbox one compared to PS4

Now it's not the same as 1080 or 1440 is not blurry compared to 4k

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Bigpappy360d ago

You are the one who is ignorant. The X has way more than RESOLUTION over the pro.

ZehnDrachen360d ago

And yes PS4 exclusive games still look better. How sad that must be for you.

snoopgg360d ago

Yeah, but that doesn't matter. Its all about the games. Sony has that over Microsoft. It has been that way since the ps2. Nothing has,changed, even with the so called beast outthere.