Battlefront II has Removed Loot Boxes, So What?

Star Wars: Battlefront II has removed the loot boxes and microtransactions, so what? There are still many issues that are happening in the industry at the moment. Why are people celebrating?


Changed title to "Battlefront II has removed Microtransactions, So what?" due to demand.

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NordicRainy388d ago

Why are people celebrating? Because even if it was for a brief moment, it felt like some kind of victory. That our voices are being heard.

Stevonidas388d ago

Your "voices" were ignored. EA removed the MT because the Belgians are investigating them for promoting gambling to children.

Be vigilant; never buy or even play this turd. It's the only way they'll learn.

NordicRainy388d ago

I wouldn't say they were ignored. Disney clearly isn't happy with the controversy, and even Wall Street is a little worried.

A2X_387d ago

Why do you think inverstigations were opened in the first place? if not for gamers swarming the media and Twitter with #disneygambling #microtransactions hashtags?

It all started on Reddit and the backlash made its way to bigger media outlets and eventually caught the attention of investigators.

ThatDudeMunkee387d ago

EA actually removed them because Disney made the call, not EA. Big brother DISNEY is pissed over the backlash.

_-EDMIX-_387d ago


EA has many times done stuff like this. Folks complained about DLC and Season pass and they gave it for free for Titanfall 2 and Battlefront 2, was that because of the "Belgians" too?

Folks complained about BF4 launching with so many bugs, BF Hardline was delayed to make sure games didn't get rushed, Mass Effect was delayed many times (still had issues at launch though) but it shows that EA many times will actually change things based on user feedback, many publishers still do.

Sorry but you folks can't keep dismissing when a company is listening simply because you don't like the company. So....yes, EA has indeed done things based on user feed back, many publishers still do weather you like those publishers or not. Clearly something the fans did ie Reddit ,caused EA, Disney etc to change what was going on with those loot boxes. I wouldn't go as far as to say its gambling, but I would like those loot boxes to only because cosmetics as many have pointed out.

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subtenko387d ago

Just dont one day look around you and see a bunch of strings attached..

Just dont be an NPC in RCT happy about free drinks and food to find yourselve trapped near the only bathroom charging $9001 entry

Just get the picture

_-EDMIX-_387d ago


I still bought the game and love it, but I get why someone would voice concern over such a thing. The way I see it ,why complain only to complain when the feature is removed? This is a victory for many, even people like myself that was going to buy the game anyway. I might not be buying MT and was never going to, but at least the game isn't going to have folks buying their way to the top.

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UCForce387d ago

We will keep vigilant. Because EA will find a way to screw consumers over again.

EatCrow387d ago

Considering the removal is temporary... I see that screwing is not too far off.

killswitch80387d ago

but they didn't remove loot boxes

ZehnDrachen387d ago

They only removed Crystals. NOT loot boxes

UletheVee31387d ago

As far as I know the Loot boxes are also microtransactions and have been removed.

ZehnDrachen387d ago

Loot boxes are not "Microtransactions"

aconnellan387d ago

They removed the option to purchase loot boxes with real money.

Loot boxes themselves are still in the game

UletheVee31387d ago

Either that or they already implemented those again

DaGR8JIBRALTAR387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

We need to raise he'll with ALL the companies that do this, not just EA...a great emcee once said the power is in the people and politics we address.

subtenko387d ago

well it looks like your efforts arent enough yet and nothing is changing, and EA is ready to backstab you all whenever possible. Yall aint doing crap to stop this, its not working because your efforts suck right now still and EA arent taking you all seriously

EatCrow387d ago

Well... We managed to convince Belgium to take a look. So please rephrase.

subtenko386d ago

EA has done this multiple times.....yall havent done anything.... Its like when people complain to APPLE...LOOK AROUND dummys, they still screw you over whether you realize it or not. Im not some consumer, Im in these industry and know what goes on.

But ok, if you dont wanna believe me, I'll be pulling one over you since you dont wanna listen (Hey I warned ya, and you choosed not to listen, so you're ok with it all)

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