Games Considered Gambling? What Could This Mean For Games Like Hearthstone & Magic The Gathering?

ThisGenGaming says: "You’ve all heard about the recent internet outrage at EA’s money-making schemes for Star Wars: Battlefront II. And more recently, you might have heard the Belgian government was investigating if games that allowed you to pay for random items with real world currency don’t constitute as “gambling”. This does raise the question if it’s only the games with lootboxes that should fall under scruteny. After all, there are entire games that are built around people spending money to have a better chance at winning than their opponents. The first type of game that comes to mind are Trading Card Games (TCG)..."

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Snookies12425d ago

Never really thought about it for the TCG side of things... Technically, you are paying money for something that has unknown contents in the hopes of a payout.

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Cmv38424d ago

trading cards might be different, since trading cards are in stores. Or maybe this is how loot boxes will be justified, saying they are just like trading card games.

bloodyspasm424d ago

Hearthstone is a digital game only at the moment (I think the WoW paper TCG has been discontinued) and Magic has two digital games:MTGO which is a HUGE business and Magic Duels (soon to be replaced by Magic Arena, a game they hope will be easier to get into than the "advanced" MTGO)

Zabatsu424d ago

Really can't compare. Your normal, regular video games has always been one price, that is when you purchase it. The business model for card games, whether it be irl or digital, has always had a price for the cards. Can't really compare that to MTs in real games.

bloodyspasm423d ago

I agree that games that charge the full amount shouldn't try to earn more via MTs when it can be avoided. And most digital cardgames don't ask a price up front (Though Magic Duels of the Planeswalkers did...). But that has nothing to do with why the business model is being investigated as "gambling": the fact is that you're paying money for an unknown return of value, be it weapons and star cards in SW BFII or different valued cards in TCGs...