10 Final Fantasy Characters Who Must Appear in Kingdom Hearts 3

One of the biggest things that makes Kingdom Hearts so lovable is its fantastic array of characters, both original and those crossing over from Disney and Final Fantasy.

Considering how long it's actually been since the last true Kingdom Hearts game, it'll be pretty interesting to see which Final Fantasy characters make a return, which appear for the first time ever, and which are left on the sidelines once again.

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PhoenixUp424d ago

Lightning and Noctis seem like obvious candidates, but I’d also like to see some FFXII representation in the game.

andrewsquall423d ago

I don't mind. When the FIRST Kingdom Hearts game came out in 2001/2002 we already had all the most important FF characters that could have showed up, or at least over 90% leaving out FFXII characters. 15 years later all we have is characters from XIII or XV to show up but who cares about that noise lol.