Are The Changes to Battlefront 2 Loot Box Controversy Enough

EA and Dice in a surprising move to attempt to end the Star Wars Battlefront 2 pay to win microtransactions. EA has decided to pull the plug on the Battlefront 2's loot boxes and wipe the slate clean and start new. With Dice coming up with better solution at a later date. With these controversial seemly gone for now, but is the damage done to this game irreversible? Has EA destroyed the last bit of trust between them and gamers? Is there a bigger picture we all don't see? Is this the last we're going to see of these pay to win loot boxes in premium games?

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guywazeldatatt332d ago

Honestly EA is just...they need star wars taken away from them. I was really looking forward to this game too but it's been ruined.

Benoski332d ago

Same. Battlefront II looks amazing but it got ruined solely because of EA's corporate greed.

Tedakin332d ago

Yeah it's such a shame. It's a pretty amazing package...that they squandered. I don't think people are overreacting at all now that I've played it. What a ridiculous grind.

Killlacrusade332d ago

The damage Itself to BF2 Online progression is critical, Its like look at the deluxe addition with the upgrades to Infantry cards, such as the heavy class with the shield HP upgraded to 300 - The problem as-a whole Is this isn't ip owned by EA, Interesting phone call between both executives, bad press was hitting the general public, radio updates hourly In some areas, bbc and even cnn covered this topic, this is the key point, when major outlets that hit the average general consumer talk about this, It gets the wrong kind of attention.

Outrage fatigue is my next concern, I hope In the coming weeks we apply the same pressure, even with them turned off Its a sign. Thanks to everyone kicking up a fuss :p

TGG_overlord332d ago

EA will get no more money from me...

Tedakin332d ago

I don't think all the anger is about SWBF2.... it's years of EA being shitheads finally adding up and coming to a head with this. They finally pushed it too far.

Garethvk332d ago

I think the issue is how long will they remain gone. I said the moment they announced that all future DLC would be free that the game would be loaded with microtransactions to make up for it. EA has always been big on them even when they killed off franchises. Look at Dead Space 3. They figured it was Star Wars and we can do what we want as even if they grip, fan boys and the sheep will still get it and once they do we have them. Well they underestimated how much venom there would be over this issue and I am sure depending on how sales go they will be looking at ways to get them back in and recoup money. Can you image them saying hey we promised free DLC but since you took our Microtransactions away, we now want $59.99 for a DLC season pass and oh yeah, you cannot unlock X, Y, and Z without it.

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