The One Thing Wrong with CoD: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII is proving to be a better game than its predecessor. But, that does not mean it is perfect. It does have one glaring issue.

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PhoenixUp338d ago

“But, that does not mean it is perfect.”

What product in any industry is perfect?

Toolster337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

You can copy and paste the article about any of the call of duty games! Has he never played one before? I’m all for realism in games but going to far ruins the flow, can you imagine fire off 2/3 shots only to be pointing at the sky due to recoil, or spending 60 seconds trying to reload a M1?? It’s would kill the flow dead. Most realism is great but other parts need to be more Arcady (if that the right word) for the good of the game.

ZombieKiller337d ago

COD has always been realistic, gritty but "arcade-ish"
Is this the writers first COD game or something? This isn't anything new.

AnubisG337d ago

Realistic and CoD does not go in the same sentance.

cj1pate101337d ago

hence why its a garbage game

EmperorDalek337d ago

I thought it was the fact that it has the worst maps in the entire series, but sure.

TheHan337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

This guy clearly doesn’t know what COD is. It’s meant for the realistic style instead of this arcade shit that seems to have plagued COD in past games. This is by far the best COD ive played sense they went with that stupid futuristic nonsense. Now this is the COD I remember growing up playing.