PUBG Wins PC Game of the Year and Sets Seven World Records

It's been a meritorious day for the battle royale title as a number of PUBG award wins and Guinness World Records are officially confirmed.

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Eonjay339d ago

It won PC game of the year. I wonder what other serious PC games were in the running?

NoPeace_Walker339d ago

I don't have a PC that can play this but I'm glad it is acclaimed. I will have to play it on 12/12 on my X to see what the fuss is about.

Cyro339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

I have a pretty good PC and it still runs like ass. Fun game but very poorly optimized.

SCW1982338d ago

Its because it uses a bunch of Unreal assets that are borrowed, it will be very hard to optimize this game in the future because the foundation that was laid is based off borrowed parts.

Cyro338d ago

Seems like most battle royal games are like that.

gangsta_red339d ago

Congrats, did Divinity II get nominated because I saw nothing but 10's for the game when it was released.

Razzer339d ago

It’s absence is a joke

SCW1982338d ago

100% agree, easily the best PC game this year if going off of Reviews.

kevnb339d ago

Pc had yet another fantastic year, the exclusives and overall releases on pc have been incredible. Stuff like those two games, cuphead, nioh, forza, nier, total war: warhammer 2 etc...

alb1899339d ago

That's the game that I'll be playing in my X until RDR 2 arrives.

yeahright2339d ago

How can a game that's not even out yet win game of the year?

343_Guilty_Spark339d ago

Are 20 million people not playing it

kevnb338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

It’s out and as done as most multi platform games are at release, they just had the decency to let us know it’s unfinished. I don’t get the big confusion, you can buy and play the game right now.

SCW1982338d ago

You can buy and play the "Beta."

Link2DaFutcha338d ago

I mean "Beta" in the sense that it's still a work in progress, but it looks great on my PC, is super fun with fine tuned shooting, and some glitches that are sometimes hilarious. It's plenty polished though it does still needs some tweaking, hence "Beta", but it's not like you have to spend a ton of money or grind for hours to be competitive.

Sgt_Slaughter336d ago

I mean, a beta IS a work in progress, meaning the game isn't fully released/finished yet, which means it should not get put next to complete and released games in the same category.

Cobra951338d ago

Right. It's unfinished, and has no place in this competition.

kevnb335d ago

If anything that just shows how great it is.

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The story is too old to be commented.