Grand Theft Auto Creator on VR: ‘In some ways we are still in the stone-age’

Dave Jones suggests VR is about to enter a new phase of technological evolution.

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DeadSilence331d ago

I'm buying VR on December, New model.

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VenomUK331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

This is the stone age because it's the first generation of VR - but that's not a bad thing! I have a PSVR and use it with a PS4 Pro and it's great. This doesn't mean it's perfect because there are things that will improve over the years on all formats, for example having a higher resolution, free movement and improved controls. But right now there are some great experiences that demonstrate the power of immersion that comes from VR. But also full games like Resident Evil 7 and Skyrim VR that gives us a vision of what's to come. VR is not ready for everyone, but if you want to experience the future of gaming then Oculus, Steam VR and PSVR allow you to jump in right now.

kevnb330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

it is nowhere near the first generation of VR, weve had VR since the 80s. It is the first generation where its actually a half way viable product however.

subtenko331d ago

Im buying it next year...newer new model.

GAMExxOVER331d ago

I am going to stand in line for the VR4 the year after

AnubisG331d ago

VR is in iy's very early stages for sure. I'm waiting to jump in until the tech improves after trying PSVR.

ibrake4naps331d ago

Exciting times! I love VR, and it only gets better!

ibrake4naps331d ago

They should put out an optional dlc that makes first perspective mode support VR in GTA5

AnubisG331d ago

First person mode is already in GTAV. They should do a VR mode for it. They made billions on MT's so it's not like they don't have the funds.

InKnight7s331d ago

You know that VR lead to weak graphics and thats will create dull experience in open world and as if you watching 240p video(meant to be 1080p) on youtube right?

WeAreLegion331d ago


Not even a little true. The experiences are incredible. Play Skyrim VR yet?

Neonridr331d ago

@InKnight7s - even if the game ended up not looking much better than the PS3 version it would still be awesome to play in VR regardless.

Dragonscale331d ago

@innight, the res is higher than 240p lol. Its more than just the graphics with vr.

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WeAreLegion331d ago

I've actually played GTA V in VR. It's pretty great, but native support would be even better.

Artemidorus331d ago

Need VR bundle with a surround sound kit as standard.

kevnb330d ago

I dont think tying those two things together will help either.

Artemidorus330d ago

You really need to try it works well.

kevnb330d ago

im sure its great, but the two items should be sold separate.

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The story is too old to be commented.