The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Arrives For PSVR And Nintendo Switch

Skyrim is finally here for the PSVR and Nintendo Switch and the new release from Bethesda outlines what fans can look forward to.

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Ittoittosai335d ago

Really this is news worthy with all the EA nonsense happening, this is a story? A 6yr old game released now for what the 6th time at 60$. Gaming is really getting just rediculous

Garethvk335d ago

PSVR is new as is mobile version.

Unreal01335d ago

Yes it is news actually. Just because it isnt related to loot boxes doesnt make a portable or VR version of this incredible game less noteworthy. Got my PSVR version waiting for me at home, I can't wait to experience this game in VR.

Xaphy334d ago

Tell us what you think. Really excited as well

Garethvk334d ago

Is the movement like Doom where you point and follow a path?

Prince_TFK334d ago

I am still waiting for Skyrim Switch physical copy to arrive in my city. Not going digital with this one. Skyrim on the go is a keeper.

Garethvk334d ago

What is the difference in storage size download vs physical?