Dear Bethesda, We're Still Waiting For Skyrim on These 6 Systems

Bethesda is mad keen to ensure that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the adventure to save them all, continues to spread its wings to new systems, console or otherwise. The question is, are there any other consoles or systems that Bethesda could potentially release Skyrim on? Of course there is!

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331d ago
nitus10330d ago

Aw! what's wrong with the Megadrive (ie. Genius), Dreamcast and Gamecube?

I am still waiting for a release for my toaster (fire spell) and/or fridge (cold spell) although I would have to be careful of that lightning spell since the surge could be detrimental to all my electronics. 😎

kartanym330d ago

The fridge! I completely forgot that's a thing :p

gangsta_red333d ago

Would have been great to see some rips on Atari 2600, CD-i and Vetrex.

kartanym332d ago

I did consider them all, also the virtual boy, but maybe that's pushing it a little too far.

Krysis331d ago

Is there a reason this site uses slideshow style pages. I won't even click this site because of it.

DragonKnight330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

@Krysis: Yes, there is. I'll tell you.

MAXIMUM CLICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PhoenixUp331d ago

Wii U didn’t get Skyrim, it could use it

datriax331d ago

Haha. Some good laughs in there.

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The story is too old to be commented.