SOMA to hit Xbox One in December with new Safe mode

Neil writes "If you like horror then you would probably have heard of SOMA - the sci-fi horror title from Frictional Games. It's been available on PS4 and PC previously but today it has been confirmed that it'll be hitting Xbox One... with a 'Safe Mode' attached!"

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Toby_1981362d ago

Didn't this game come out 2 years ago

Neonridr362d ago

yep, back in September of 2015. Great game though.

ArchangelMike361d ago

You guys need to get this game. It is awesome. Seriously don't miss it.

coolbeans361d ago

Well...I suppose it depends on the context. SOMA's one of those rare cases where the argument is focused more on the how the gameplay & story don't mesh well. I don't necessarily agree with that assessment, but I do think this type of 'Safe Mode' is a more interesting case study than say Resident Evil Remake getting a Safe Mode.

Lamboomington360d ago

Soma is all about the story, and less about actual horror gameplay. Honestly this is a good idea.

luckytrouble361d ago

This isn't a game that strikes me as needing a "Safe" mode. The monster interactions were fairly easy to navigate, and they were also the only exciting part about the game. Overall, SOMA was kind of dull, and removing the only part that really engages the player seems like a huge mistake.

Lamboomington360d ago

well, a lot of people have said it was the other way round for them. Story was the best, horror not always.

luckytrouble360d ago

I dunno. I played it as a review title back when it came out, and I just wasn't terribly impressed. It was certainly alright, but I got genuinely bored in many of the environments that outlived their welcome. I didn't find the story captivating enough to warrant the lacking exploration of environments that were grand at first but tedious when played. The fact that you could only run from the monsters made enough sense, but once you got the trial and error figured out, it was less scary and more monotonous. At the same time, those interactions were some of the most captivating parts of the game.

All in all, SOMA was alright, and I don't regret playing through it. I think a safe mode is only going to hurt the game though. It feels like a game that would have worked far better as a visual novel than an exploration based title.