L. A. Noire PS3 vs PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison

L.A. Noire was one of the biggest surprises back in the day and hell of a revolutionary in terms of facial animations. And it’s back in glory of higher resolution and updated graphics. Let’s compare PS4 Pro version of Remaster recorded at 1080p with its original running on PS3.

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Limbrick1246d ago

Great music for this game, but the video quality is low. More youtube videos need to dump the often annoying music used for pleasant music like this.

Dirty_Lemons1246d ago

Nice work by Rockstar. A wonderful, under-appreciated little gem may yet see a sequel if it clicks with this console generation's audience.

Chaos_Order1246d ago

It was developed by Team Bondi (who are now defunct), not Rockstar. They just published it.

Dirty_Lemons1246d ago

The original sure, but Team Bondi were obviously closed and had nothing to do with the remaster.