YouTube Says Nintendo Can Do Better for Content Creators

YouTube's head of gaming believes Nintendo could be doing better for content creators on the platform.

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Ashlen388d ago

Youtube could do better for content creators. Like how about stopping the people who use bots to make false content ID claims for monotization on everyone's videos. Or saying no to the people who buy the rights to one gun sound then make claims on videos.

yarbie1000388d ago

Youtube telling other people they can do better for their content creators. Hypocrisy is off the charts

Sgt_Slaughter388d ago

I could say the exact same thing about YouTube. Don't turn your back on those who created your empire.

Ittoittosai388d ago

Nintendo could acknowledge fair use and stop stealing from content creators.

wonderfulmonkeyman387d ago

HAHAHAHA, dude, you need to learn who actually made those games.
Hint; it's not the Youtubers who STREAM/RECORD direct gameplay of games they had no part in making.XD

Big_Game_Hunters388d ago

YouTube are the last people that should be talking lmao.

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