Xbox's TV division was ahead of its time, says ex-GM Shannon Loftis

Microsoft's Shannon Loftis, the former General Manager of Xbox Entertainment Studios, recently discussed the publisher's failed television experiment with Stevivor.

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Araragifeels 1439d ago

E3 Xbone: Console TV TV TV TV Games TV Car TV TV TV TV (Deal With it)

TankCrossing1439d ago

It was actually the reveal that was all TV TV TV. E3 was games games ga...DRM?!!! Followed by some switches that apparently couldn't be flicked.

1438d ago
andrewsquall1438d ago

@uRaDecepticon How so? Ryse? Dead Rising 3? Lococycle? Kinect Ubisoft Fighters? 11 courses Forza 5?

PS4 had a new couch co-op kid friendly platform game Knack, FPS game Killzone Shadow Fall with solid single player and multiplayer modes, awesome remasters of PS3 and Vita games Flow, Flower, Sound Shapes and Escape Plan that were all free if you already owned them, MMO game DC Universe online, massively well reviewed arcade shooter Resogun that was also a PS Plus launch title, large Free2Play game War Thunder with cross play with PC, awesome 3rd party indie games like Trine 2 and all of these games looking amazing at native 1080p was also a great bonus.

There was plenty to keep you entertained no matter what you were into. The same can hardly be said for Xbone's launch lineup with the delayed basics like game streaming, games with Gold and Remote play only making it worse.

But of course, let's keep yet another myth alive that Xbone had an incredible launch with an absolute stunning lineup of GOTY games.

EatCrow1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )


Did you intentionally leave out titles from your Xbox launch list?
Did you intentionally leave out the info about driveclub fiasco for the ps4.

Im just curious. Also killzone shadowfall is the worst killzone by far. Nothing solid about that game. It's pretty much a wave based game.
I find it interesting that you make it seem like the ps4 titles were rated so highly compared to the Xbox.

Ryse is still one of my Favourite new ip from this gen. Dead rising three also was pretty good. A lot of content there. Then there was killer instinct no??

It's not a myth. There were small indie titles on the Xbox as well.
In number of titles I do believe the Playstation would win. But not quality necessarily.

At launch anyways. Now is a different matter entirely in my opinion.
Keep in mind we had both consoles at launch in my household. Along with a hardcore Sony fan. And guess what. The Xbox was played for much longer due to its games.

WilliamSheridan1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

Ironically, the tv market in our video game systems is huge. Netflix being a big drive, Hulu etc. I think they were a little too ahead of their time, but probably would have been better just riding it out and letting people figure it out. Personally I love the HDMI in and out that let's me control my tv with my Xbox X

andrewsquall1438d ago

Except they weren't ahead of their time. They literally meant "TV" as in the standard ancient way of watching TV with an aerial port put on the console's motherboard when, even in 2013, we knew that internet style "TV" is the future. Again, this is not what Microsoft were getting at at the worst games console reveal in history.

PhoenixUp1439d ago

How could it have really benefited the brand?

Not even PlayStation TV and movie properties benefited its brand.

Godmars2901439d ago

PSTV was nothing more than a PSV w/o a screen. It needed to be a streaming box with app/software specifically tuned for it.

PhoenixUp1439d ago

I’m not talking about it the device PSTV, I’m talking about PlayStation’s past efforts to produce original programming on PSN in the form of TV shows

UltraNova1439d ago

Yet those efforts, including PSTV, were just optional extras adding to the GAMING console experience, nothing like MS's platorm defining -"integral part" efforts with TV and Kinect just to name a few.

TankCrossing1439d ago

So Shannon Loftis was responsible for the unsuccessful TV content push, and for the Microsoft Studios games offering for 2017? 🤔

rainslacker1439d ago

I'm curious how something that was never released could be ahead of it's time.

Actually, I think other companies have been doing what MS was trying to do for years before MS ever came into the fray. Google alone was pretty far ahead of MS. Netflix, Sony, and Amazon were well ahead of them.

MS had some promises of some content to come in the future. That's not ahead of it's time, that's just them making content that's restricted to a specific service or device. None of that content came in a way that transcended the current norm we've had since Netflix first started streaming.

spreadlove1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

I don't see how something that hasn't been released can't be ahead of it's time. Something that isn't released to the public, does not mean it doesn't exist.

Anyhow, MS did release the soccer series that had the interactive component. It's not too different than what streamers do today, especially with mixer. So yes, it was ahead of it's time.

rainslacker1439d ago

That one feature didn't make their TV division ahead of it's time though.

The NFL has had that online for a while now too. Long before the X1 was revealed.

Quite literally everything MS had stated as being part of their TV division has been done before, and was being done when MS announced it. MS just applied it to a closed architecture on consoles.

spreadlove1438d ago

That was one example, and because somebody has incorporated it doesn’t mean it isn’t ahead of its time. She doesn’t talk about what exactly they were doing either or may have come as she states it was high risk on technology that the studios were concerned over.

I really felt Quantum Break really advanced integration of TV show into a game. Too bad we don’t have more games doing that instead of clearly janky in engine cut scenes.

rainslacker1438d ago

OK. Then can you provide other examples of things MS was trying to implement that no one else has done before,because I'm failing to see it. Even the biggest feature, overlaying secondary content and having multiple windows has been done before.

Sure, they integrated a lot of features into one device, but that doesn't really make it innovative, because there are several different services and pieces of hardware which do the same thing to varying degrees. Just because MS did all those things doesn't make it innovative at all.

The thing I fail to understand is how MS having these things that others have had for a while, and have been readily accepted among those who wanted them, and even some which had become somewhat mainstream, was now somehow ahead of it's time.

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MunchMiller001439d ago

Isn't that the default fallback excuse for any failed garbage? "Ahead of its time". Right.

nowitzki20041438d ago

If only they had games in our time and not so far ahead of our time.

Gunstar751439d ago

MS saw that people were using their Xboxes for media and quote fairly hyped the media elemenent. At the original reveal games were actually mentioned over 90 times, but MS's detractors (and there are many of them) like to paint a different picture.

rainslacker1439d ago

But how does that make it ahead of it's time? Sony, Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, TV's, blu-ray players, and god knows how many other devices could all do what the 360 offered in various degrees of implementation. The only thing that was different was that MS attached it to a game console. Something that was done in the prior gen, except MS threw in a cable TV access port. Hardly innovative, and certainly not ahead of it's time.

In fact, at the time, there were countless people saying how redundant all those features were on the X1.

MS may have mentioned games 90 times(questionable but I'm not going back to count now), but most of the time of that conference talked about TV, or other services related to TV. Most of the features shown were about TV, or accessing media while playing games. They only showed a few games at the conference. Some looked very early in production. Wasn't it COD or Madden that just had wireframe models?

Sorry, but all eyes were on MS back then. They painted their own picture, and almost the entire community saw what MS showed them. They didn't make shit up. Changing the narrative now isn't going to change anything.

Cyro1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

no? Go back and watch the reveal. Very little games shown with the exception of sports games and CoD. A lot of it was about media features. I actually went back to look that this wasn't just a meme blown out of proportion but it's all true. They screwed up that reveal so badly.

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