Assassin's Creed Rogue Manages To Run at 60 FPS On Xbox One X Without Update

Xbox One X allows the backwards compatible games to run at new performance profile that was never possible on the original Xbox 360.

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4Sh0w1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Oh daayuuum...never seen that, no update but BC on X increased fps to 60fps because it had an unlocked framerate for pc.

Bigpappy1352d ago

Lots of cool discoveries if this very powerful console.

kevnb1352d ago

What does it have to do with pc? They must have simply used double buffered vsync before.

Lennoxb631352d ago

Xbox is a Windows machine so it has a lot to do with PC.

kevnb1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Xbox isn’t a windows machine, at least not in the same way a pc is. Xbox games don’t use the same API as pc games, even if they name them the same.

babadivad1352d ago

Seriously older games look like they are running on a PC emulator. Similar to how PCSX2 runs PS2 games at MUCH higher fidelity than was possible on the original console. Games like Tales of Abyss and especially FFX [in game looks better/cleaner than cut scenes] Run amazing on that emulator with the settings cranked up.

Same thing is going on with the X1X. Ninja Gaiden Black looks phenomenal on this system. It's so clean and runs super fast. It honestly looks better than Ninja Gaiden 2 on the 360. Every thing just looks and runs better on this system. Microsoft have done an amazing job designing this console.

Kleptic1351d ago

they are running on a 'pc emulator', that's the bet that is paying off with MS making 'xbox' use DX since the 360. It's a DX12 device forcing DX9 software on screen...the benefit of MS's tree'd graphics API's gen to gen (OG xbox wasn't part of it, though).

All of the xbox one platforms can emulate the entire 360 OS...not individual games; the entire xbox 360 operating system. Emulation isn't exactly efficient, though. But the Xbox One X has enough extra resources to do pretty decent stuff to 360 titles automatically.

the only hold up MS faces with BC is licensing, where some devs/publishers are not willing to allow their 360 software to be played on something that isn't a 360 for w/e reason...but the xbox one, s, and x can literally 'read' every single 360 title ever made (although, there remains some hiccups with multi-disc games apparently)...and there is other meddling market research involved that makes it disgusting...but emulation on an OS basis removes all the individual mandates needed for each specific game, at least...

rawshack1352d ago

I played it last night it's quite smooth and looks a lot better then it had before .rouge is truly a underrated game

gangsta_red1352d ago

Nice, I wonder what improvents the X can have on Sonic All Star Racing Transformed....

Obscure_Observer1352d ago


LMAO! Xbox Engineering team are Wizards!

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The story is too old to be commented.