Vivendi Won't Try To Buy Ubisoft In The Next Six Months, Nor Seek Representation In The Board

Vivendi stated in their latest earnings press release that they won't buy Ubisoft or seek representation on the board of directors in the next six months.

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KaiPow334d ago

Good. The last thing I want to see are more shareholders intervening in the more creative titles like UbiArt.

Apocalypse Shadow334d ago

Sounds like a "we won't get you now, but we'll get you later promise."

Alexious333d ago

Let's hope not, Ubisoft is much more creative than Activision or EA. It should stay that way.

Apocalypse Shadow333d ago

True. Ubisoft does have some good developers there between the yearly rehashed games. But Vivendi wants money. They don't care about what happens next. Just look towards EA as an example if the company gets them on what will happen next.

Relientk77333d ago

Good, know your role Vivendi

datriax333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Vivendi...... you disappoint. Guess I'll put the champagne back on ice.

Better late than never I suppose.

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