Destiny 2’s “Curse of Osiris” Expansion Gets Epic (and Funny) Opening Cinematic

See the epic and funny introduction to the Curse of Osiris expansion for Destiny 2, coming in less than a month to a console and PC near you.

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Silkside338d ago

Funny? in what way shape or form?

showtimefolks338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

I don't get the funny part original destiny 2 trailer had some funny moment but this didn't have any

The story in destiny overall is mediocre

cleft5338d ago

I much prefer Destiny 2 when its being heartfelt and emotional. I hate all of the "jokes" in the game. They are so forced that they just ruin your immersion. If the developers don't believe in their story than who will? Halo had light heart moments that made you smile and laugh. But they are trying so hard to be funny in Destiny 2 that it feels out of place and ruins a greater experience that you could be having. The same is true of this trailer.

spicelicka338d ago

Bungie has sure lost their touch with storytelling. The whole story in Destiny has potential but it is so "dark vs light" cheesy, I just can't take it seriously.