Bethesda discuss Skyrim VR in a new exclusive Q&A

Bethesda Softworks spill the beans on the development philosophy behind The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim VR in a new exclusive Q&A.

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DEEBO1246d ago

DAY 1!!!
GOTY action rpg in VR,,sign me up!

UnR34L_DEAF1245d ago

Skyrim VR will be experience as in orginal full Skyrim game?

zivtheawesome1245d ago

it is the full skyrim game, BUT in VR!

Venox20081245d ago as far as I know it will contain DLC ..heard good things already from who played already..cant is Review in progress.. from one good PSVR youtuber (he has the freshiest PSVR news and game announcements in the village) :)