Avalanche, the team behind the Just Cause series, could have developed Star Wars: Battlefront 3

Christofer Sundberg, CEO of Avalanche Studios, has revealed that his studio could have developed Star Wars: Battlefront 3. Avalanche Studios would be working closely with Lucas Arts for this new part in the Battlefront series. This deal was offered ten years ago, however Avalanche passed on it as it was busy with the Just Cause [...]

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TheMuffDiver363d ago

Nice then we would have 15-25 thanks!

UltraNova363d ago

It would use the Frostbite engine.

CurbStompin363d ago

.... no. It would have used the Avalanche Engine. And it would have been shit.

UltraNova363d ago


So I guess the fact that both Battlefront 1&2 were developed and optimized on Frostbite doesn't count, they would drop all that work and port all assets to Avalanche?


Paytaa363d ago

The Frostbite Engine didn't exist yet when this deal was pitched and even then, LucasArts was the publisher not EA.

UltraNova363d ago

Ok thought it was a deal on the next Battlefront since the damn tweet refused to load! Lol

My bad boys!

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Krysis363d ago

Beautiful games but when the action hits it's climax the frames drop to slideshow status.

ONESHOTV2363d ago

well if you had a rig you wouldn't have ran into that problem so I guess that's your fault

CrimzonRazor363d ago

Who cares what could have been

Big_Game_Hunters363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Dice are the perfect developers to make the battlefront series. EA is simply the worst publisher.

The 10th Rider363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Meh, they're a good pick but I wouldn't say they're "perfect". There's plenty of other companies that could do a fine job and I'd almost prefer someone else to make it so that it doesn't feel so derivative of Battlefield. They'd be perfect if they didn't already have the Battlefield franchise.

_-EDMIX-_363d ago


I believe the best arrangement with Electronic Arts regarding the Star Wars licenses was that they have lots of teams that could do the series Justice like DICE can't say much about the Publishers Behavior though.

But what can many people really say? They are a business that behaves as such as why they've allowed DICE to make some of the best multiplayer games and gaming. This is just one of those situations where you're going to need a necessary evil to fund such an incredible project.

DialgaMarine363d ago

People are getting too caught up in this loot box controversy if they’re seriously going to start daydreaming and claiming “well, what if this dev made it, it could’ve been better..”, like no. Regardless of how you feel, DICE was, and likely still is, the perfect developer to take on such a game. Hopefully over time, people will stop crying about the loot box nonsense so we can actually see if this franchise can grow and expand and have the future that original series didn’t.

Chaosdreams363d ago

I agree on the notion of DICE being the right fit. However people won't stop "crying" until something is actually done to remedy the situation.

DialgaMarine363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

I don’t know what there is to remedy? The loot box system is no different than what it is in games like Overwatch, Uncharted 4, Gears 4, CoD WW2, etc.. The majority of what you get out of them is purely cosmetic, and you can unlock it all through just playing the game and not spending an extra penny. Yeah, it takes a long time to unlock everything, but at least you will always feel like you’re working towards something. I can somewhat understand the heroes thing, but I refuse to believe the 40 hours per hero thing until I see it for myself.

Chaosdreams363d ago

...DialgaMarine, have you been up to date on what's been going on?

The MT's/Loot boxes in Battlefront 2 are nothing like what Overwatch has/does. Overwatch is fairly generous with their progression system and the loot boxes are cosmetic. They also didn't charge full retail price upon their release date. Battlefront 2 however integrates their progression system with MT's to its very fiber for a full priced AAA game.

For example:
- The variation in Star Cards and their effectiveness
- The rate in which you obtain crafting resources to upgrade a Star Card
- The cap within the Arcade mode to stop you from obtaining those crafting resources (it has a cool down)
- The crafting resources recieved being exactly the same for everyone who participates in a match.
- How long it takes to obtain a Hero
- Them lowering the amount of crafting resources upon completion of the campaign.

That's what we know so far - before the game has even been released to everyone.

Every literal thing they've done is based on creating a structured PTW experience that punishes the ones who don't participate and rewards those who have no problem spending ample amounts of income towards getting what they want when they want.

I respect that you're holding your judgement until you see it for yourself. But the thing is. You're going to see it. So the remedy is for them to rearrange the way the progression system in the game works. They've made it so the loot boxes are part of how you level up - and that's not how it should be. Loot boxes, their existence, at most should be an optional thing that doesn't impede those who just want to play the game.

_-EDMIX-_363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

That's the thing there's lots of people were complaining that I believe literally were never going to buy this game there are even people complaining about features that don't even exist in the game for example multiple people on this website don't even know the content in side those loot boxes can be obtained naturally through the game.

So it'll be quite honest I'm not entirely sure if removing them would stop people from complaining especially when some of them are complaining about things that are completely untrue regarding the game.

I mean put it this way do not remember all the complaining regarding Battlefront 1? Yet the game went on to move 15 million units....

And I understand where you're coming from chaos listing the things that people are talking about what this game but dear God have you even spoke to anybody that's actually really playing it? Several people have already confirm to me that no it is not going to take you 40 hours to get one here oh I know someone who was able to get Darth Vader within 2 hours.....sooooo no.

The other half you're complaining about is the idea that somebody else could have something a different way than you which to be quite honest is just irrelevant to the people really playing the multiplayer game I just don't know how many people are going to be spending up words to $2,000 to level up in a video game. That sounds to me extremely far-fetched and extremely exaggerated especially since I know people currently playing the game and they are not witnessing anything like a bunch of people at the max level destroying everyone.

@dial-I have a few people I know playing it on PlayStation Network and I can confirm that it is not 40 hours per hero some of my friends were able to unlock Darth Vader within 2 hours of playing the game.

Chaosdreams363d ago


It's impossible to know if someone was originally going to buy the game or not. I for one know of numerous people who were interested but then taken back by how the game was structured. But who I know means nothing in context because it's just words - similar to you knowing someone who obtained Darth Vader in 2 hours.

This video at the 6:07m mark will give you the breakdown leading up (after the changes). For what it takes to unlock a hero:

Technically speaking, I'm not sure how your friend did that.

The credit adjustment was only made from the outcry of those in the community because it was initially 40 hours per. So while you're fed up with/annoyed by those speaking up, they are actually what's making your gaming experience better, be it small to no victories (as other areas haven't changed).

You mention Battlefront 1. It did sell really well, but it was riddled with faults and the community spoke up about it. That's why the gameplay changes (excluding MT's) were made better to address the communities concerns.

Lastly, there are what people call "whales" and they spend upwards of $100 without blinking an eye. Your friends with early access may not have discovered them, but one day of gaming does not automatically rule out the severe concern of this impeding the enjoyment of multiplayer. If you have millions of people playing this game, all it takes is a handful to start creating a rippling effect that will then in turn alienate or pressure others to follow the same pattern of spending to win. Because who wants to spend ten hours trying to unlock a Hero when someone else drops money, obtains a few Star Cards and starts demolishing them.

DialgaMarine363d ago

I just don’t see the point in deterring people from playing a potentially good game, if all the loot box system is doing is incentivizing you to play it a lot, if you have no interest in paying extra. It’s also more difficult to complain due to EA announcing all expansions will be free, so long as they stick to their word there. Oh well, to each their own.

_-EDMIX-_363d ago

That's the thing chaos you may not fully understand how multiple of my own friends are playing Battlefront and we're able to unlock Darth Vader in 2 hours, but maybe that only shows that you don't really know that much about this game other than what you're reading sensationalist clickbait articles telling you.

Mind you nothing is wrong with people speaking up something is wrong when they are people literally creating articles that are actually not true and I'm looking at multiple people on PlayStation Network playing the game to confirm it is not true.

If something can be fixed with the game of course the community should take notes so that way there are updates to correct it but I'm not sure how you could correct something that's also not true.

My example for Battlefront 1 it was showing just how exaggerated most of the complaints were about that game the vast majority of consumers did not care enough to not buy the game based on these so-called problems.

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Ittoittosai363d ago

You mean the team that developed one of the most unopitimized games in the last 5 yrs? That avalanche?

ONESHOTV2363d ago

Ittoittosai---correction, it ran like sh--t on console because i have no problem maxing it out in 4k with reshade/sweetfx