Yakuza 3 Gameplay Footage

Brand new gameplay footage of Yakuza 3 straight from TGS

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sonarus5767d ago (Edited 5767d ago )

Not a duplicate...actual gameplay footage shown here

Sega just won TGS...how the hell did this game go under my radar looking this good. I'm sorry WKC but Yakuza 3 is now my most anticipated JRPG

sonarus5766d ago

Most definitely without question but the awesomness of Yakuza 3 completely caught me off guard

sunnygrg5766d ago

Yakuza 3 looks like so many games in one bluray disc. Just look at the minigames. Dating sim: hell yeah. karaoke Lolicon: Hell yeah.

This is gonna be epic.

JOLLY15766d ago

That is pretty good looking. I have never played a Yakuza. Is it similar in gameplay to GTA4, but with a better fight mechanic?

tetsuhana5766d ago

I've only played the first one, but the amount of freedom is no where near GTA. The whole game pretty much takes place in that city they showed, and all you can really do is run around. The game is really built around the street fighting aspect where you'll be going up against groups of gangsters single handedly. You can also pick up stuff lying on the ground and use it as weapons. The first game also had a top notch story with about 20hrs of gameplay. The series hasn't done well in the US because it's such a "japanese" game, and western gamers might find it hard to get into.

callahan095766d ago

That was awesome. Please please PLEASE localize this quickly, Sega! If you're not going to then please let Sony do it for you.

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sonarus5766d ago

Who gives a SHlT. I just want it on my PS3 NOW.

Omegasyde5766d ago


If it goes to the 360 too you will be waiting even longer to play it on your ps3.

I think you should care along with all the other multi-platform owners out there.

Sarcasm5766d ago

Yakuza Kenzen stayed exclusive. I don't see why this one wouldn't. Then again, elephants can fly and FFXIII went multiplatform so who knows.

sonarus5766d ago

I really don't care as long as there is no delay

Why o why5766d ago

the owners of that mr mee too console really know how to make their fans feel their actively doing something to make them happy (which they are) but how many people crapped on tekken when they knew it was an exclusive. How many will crap on this with comments like they did with all the other exclusives. Its how it goes i suppose. This game was also off my radar because i was unaware of the city limits. Looking interesting and well done to sega. It looks like they might be climbing back up the dev tree, we'll see

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CloudsEnd5767d ago

Oh please, stop, i cant bear anything more! @___@
Thats insane, PS3 Exclusive written all over the games of TGS!

SixTwoTwo5767d ago

This game looks incredible.

treereet5766d ago (Edited 5766d ago )


I just had that feeling like the first time I saw Shenmue's trailer of Ryo walking around Dobuita playing darts, video games, buying crap and fighting thugs.

Based on that trailer I think this might just be the greatest game ever.

I liked Yakuza 1&2 but this is on another level. Seriously, looks insane. Welcome back Sega.

leila015766d ago (Edited 5766d ago )

Me too. All I could think about while I was looking at the trailer was, Shenmue! I hope the 360 gets a game like this, because there's no way in hell I'm spending €400+ just for one game.

EDIT : I just did it for Fable 2. Oups