Breath of the Wild Champion amiibo

The Breath of the Wild Champion amiibo released on November 10th not only with amazing designs, but also with some great unlockables and a very specific order of giving you your "drops". They are the must-haves if you play Breath of the Wild and the most useful set of amiibo in any game.

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guywazeldatatt364d ago

These things are so incredibly useful its shocking. Iove them. Easily the best amiibo on the market functionality-wise in any game.

guywazeldatatt364d ago

Also need to note: there is another article that goes into the amiibo functionality of the champion set, but they only talk about the helms and never touch the major points I do, just in case anyone were to think this is duplicate information. it isn't. It's actually some stuff I think a lot of people don't know and it took me some testing to really get to it

emiyaxtousaka364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

never knew this! now I need to get Urbosa, she's my favorite! and her weapons are the best!!!

guywazeldatatt364d ago

I recommend Urbosa and Revali. His bow is by far the best in the game. Daruk is super cool but honestly I don't like his huge sword, and Mipha has always been meh to me.