Remember When: Videogames Understood The Joy Of Exploration

We remember when videogames understood the joy of exploration

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andydalum1311d ago

I do miss this with games, I think that's a major reason skyrim and fallout 4 were so successful even with them stripping alot of RPG mechanics. We don't have enough studios doing things like the first 2 Dragon Age games, first 2 mass effect, dark soul series, turn based (I miss this so badly), seems like to many dev's are trying to use the same formula Action action action and it's not always bad but just leaves the market kinda stale in my opinion.

Prince_TFK1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

You right. Most of today’s games are just carbon copy of eachother. No more innovation. No more emphasis on fun or exploration. You want something cool in game? Well you can pay via MTs and lootboxes to get that without having to explore anything.

This kind of mentality is slowly killing games, as we can see with the recent releases.

thepatientgamer1310d ago

Bruh, botw and horizon literally came out last year

agent45321310d ago

Yeah, GTA San Andreas the main character becomes fat, plus many activities from looting, gambling, playing basketball, etc.

TheOttomatic911309d ago

Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: BOTW