Destiny 2: The Curse of Osiris Story Feels A Little Flat - IGN

After exploring the wonders of Mercury we're left wondering where the rest of the story is.

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Ittoittosai334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Nope in the next major expansion coming fall 2018. Where the new raid is too

334d ago

I should have stuck to my guns and not bought this game. Mannn I hate I bought this game.

Seraphim334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

I'd say the same thing but despite the stupid changes and another vanilla title I did spend a lot of time playing D2 the first month. The DLC is already paid for but next year, next year it's highly likely several friends and myself won't partake in this anymore. Which is truly sad because at it's core Destiny is a great game. It's just that Bungie doesn't know what to do with the franchise, gives us too little content, charges too much when said content is DLC and continuously fails it's fans with each release. Yet they continue to boast about how much content is in the $40 DLC but deliver hardly anything. They're boasting consists mainly of reskinned weapons and armor, not actual content. Even the Raids have become more mechanic driven and less shooterish. Leviathin despite being mechanic driven was solid but if it were shooterish, it possibly could have been the best raid imo.

Its really no surprise that we see that we're getting a short campaign in the first DLC. But wait, we get Raid Dungeons too. Granted they haven't talked about the entire DLC yet but... it's certainly not certainly surprising to hear this DLC provides little content with little no story. That's the Destiny model. yes they've been trying desperately to implement a storyline, storylines into the game but even those have fallen flat. It's as I said, Bungie themselves simply don't want they want making it impossible for them to actually deliver.

Dixiedevil334d ago

Of course it does. So will the next one and when the season pass is done with they’ll release a decent expansion that everyone will have to pay $40 for again.

Dirtnapstor334d ago

I think IGN as a gaming site has become flat in general. The atmosphere has changed. No longer a reliable source for anything.

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