Happy Birthday Xbox Live

The Gaming Post writes “Xbox Live officially launched 15 years ago today! What are your favorite gaming moments on the online service?”

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Septic363d ago

15 years of goodness! Xbox Live: the online service that lead the way for online gaming on consoles.

Salute to thee and for J Allard for making the right moves to make Live what it is today.

TankCrossing363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Dreamcast demands a large share of that credit >8(

DiRtY362d ago

No, it doesn't.
I LOVED my DreamCast, but playing online on Xbox Live was so much better. You can't compare it.

TankCrossing362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Well yeah it was on a 33k modem in the UK. Still, Dreamcast pioneered console online gaming. It is how I cut my teeth on it so I'll always remember it fondly. Quake 3 and Phantasy Star Online set me on the path to MMORPGs and proper quake 3 :)

Kribwalker362d ago

well the phillips CD-I was one of the first game consoles to ever have online functionality like web browsing and online gaming etc, so if we are gonna go that far back let’s go all the way

TankCrossing362d ago

Lol i have no idea what you could do with a Phillips CD-I. Sounds awesome.

For me MS picked up the baton from the DC, and are still running with it now.

gangsta_red362d ago

I remember trying to play Madden on Dreamcast over a 56k modem line and I instantly declared that online gaming was shit and had no future.

This is why I don't run with the top dogs of the world.

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lxeasy362d ago

My favorite Xbox Live moment was probably playing Lost Planet on Xbox live for the first time

Genuine-User363d ago

I fondly remember being engrossed in Halo 2, Gears of War, Call of Duty 2 and Rainbow Six Las Vegas. The early years were great on Xbox Live.

The Live team changed online gaming on consoles.

363d ago
PhoenixUp363d ago

It’d be great if Microsoft had another anniversary event for Xbox Live like they did when it turned 5 years old and 10 years old.

KionicWarlord222363d ago

Happy Birthday Xbox Live.

Gaming was forever changed with your inception.

To the next 15 years

*raises chalice*

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