Death of a Genre

Housemarque has declared their separation from their specialties. They say that the arcade genre is dead. Is it really?

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sammarshall102340d ago

I think they're right, arcade 2d shooters are niche but Housemarque did make some great ones

I hope Sony gives them a crack at making AAA games, they surely have talent

XxSnoopDoggxX340d ago

I am excited for what they have in store. But I am also worried. If you read their CEO's blog post he states how they are taking their studio in the direction of robust multiplayer experiences. I just don't want another EA on our hands.

sammarshall102340d ago

Oh I do remember reading that now and yeah that would be unfortunate if they choose to focus on multiplayer games

I hope they'll consider doing some single player story driven titles

PhoenixUp339d ago

They are the some of the best in that genre

XxSnoopDoggxX327d ago

I know this is a bit late but for some reason I didn't get the notification for this comment lol. But yea, I agree. Housemarque truly made some good stuff. I really hope they respect their fans in future endeavors.

XxSnoopDoggxX327d ago

Its happeninggggggggggggggggggg!!! ! I'm sure someone will fill the hole that Housemarque has left behind though....