The Curious Case Of The 'EA Game Dev' Who Said He Received Death Threats

Earlier this week, a man with “Game Dev @EA” in his Twitter profile wrote that he had received death threats from angry Star Wars Battlefront II fans. His story was covered by news outlets like USA Today, the BBC, and Yahoo. Vice wrote an editorial about it, CNBC ran a headline about it, and the tweet was retweeted by hundreds of people. There’s just one lingering question: Does he actually work at Electronic Arts?

Nineball21122436d ago

Wow. According to this article, it sounds like a case of a nut job who has been lying the entire time about working for EA. What drives people to make up stuff like this? I don't get it.

-Foxtrot2436d ago

I'm more taken aback Kotaku actually looked into this as much as they did...like real investigated journalism.

isa_scout2436d ago

Jason is the best investigative journalist in the video game industry. Every time he writes something it's eye opening. Kotaku is fortunate they have him because he's the only reason I even occasionally visit their site.

mercyblades2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Yeah, Jason is a great journalist/guy. He’s done great work interviewing developers and he actually asks them some questions from fans.

Christopher2436d ago

Ikr? Was just talking to Bono and Lady Gaga about this stuff the other day over tea. It's weird how people will just create lies for attention.

But seriously, we see a lot of that here. People sometimes need attention and they find the only way to get it is by creating these online personas. For those who stick to them to long, they tend to end up where this guy is.

Eonjay2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I still think sites are to blame for not investigating fake news. It shows you how little work they do to validate what they put out. I just think this is poor on their part.

bloop2436d ago

To be fair, it's not as bad as some of those other lunatics, like the idiot who said his brother was missing after the Vegas shooting and then asked everyone to follow his Instagram. Having said that, he's still an idiot. As for the journalists, I think even the overly blatant Twitter account name should have been a give away. "Game Dev @ EA." How original.

1nsomniac2436d ago

Making up death threats is the new “Thing” a local member of parliament here in the UK named MP Lucy Allan has been caught making up death threat claims in order to progress her career.

It was factually proven & instead of being punished she was let off & it looks like career in politics now seems to be on the rise.

That’s UK politics for you though.

Christopher2436d ago

How quickly people jump on the anti-harassment train. Sure, harassment sucks, but so do game journalists who would rather report on that than EA and their MTs issue or just actually make sure what they're reporting on is legit to begin with.

And getting told by people that we should take responsibility for the actions of the few... This is why we are only responsible for our own actions. It's the only thing we know to be true and to actually have control over.

-Foxtrot2436d ago

That's the issue though in cases like this...death threats apparently pop up and it's made out to be bigger then they are like here I thought it was 30 employees with hundreds of threats sent to each one. Not dumbing down death threats sent to anyone but you have to understand that a select few can't represent the majority otherwise you are giving the accused the chance to shift the blame from what they've done and make that into a bigger deal to play the victim card

In reality it's this one guy, who dosen't seem to even work for EA and he got 7...compared to how many people in gaming who are taking part in this fiasco

Eonjay2436d ago

"How quickly people jump on the anti-harassment train"
I'm not convinced. There is nothing wrong with fighting harassment. The problem., is jumping on the train with out knowing what you are representing or allowing yourself to be duped by fake things. This is no way means we have to stand for real harassment. It only means we need to know people are out to deceive us.

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fenome2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Talking about "armchair developers". Lmao

Death threats are no joke, but there's a huge difference between a legit threat and some random ass-hat on the Internet saying stupid shit on the internet. I should know, I've been told to drink bleach and live stream it just on this site. Lol

I'm not saying that's all this is though, no one knows because there's no proof. If he takes legal action and posts screen grabs then it's a whole other story. Otherwise he's probably just an attention whore who got too much of what he wanted.

KillBill2436d ago

But if a fake persona is being attacked on twitter is anyone really being attacked? If threats actually were received from this fake person then would it be a threat against the persona or the person acting as the said persona?

fenome2436d ago

Good point.

"A fake persona lying on the internet gets threatened on the internet by a different fake persona on the internet."

subtenko2436d ago

Thousands if not millions have received mugging threats...FROM EA! The former is worse yea, but punk moves sometimes return back on ya.

NordicRainy2436d ago

People love to be victims these days. But seriously is this guy insane or something?