EA Plans to Launch New Game Streaming Service

Seeing the success of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu inspired some of the leading game companies to emulate the idea.

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Apocalypse Shadow363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Didn't doubt that they were thinking about a streaming service.

Of course, they say they wouldn't do it without an "undisclosed partner." They don't have enough good games to do it by themselves. Obviously Microsoft would be that partner without even saying it. They are already partnering with them on Xbox by being the only company allowed to have something like EA Access and Microsoft has the servers and games to offer.

We'll see how this develops. And, now having read the article, I'm certain it's them. If they do, then Sony should partner with Google or Amazon or both when internet speeds increase and mobile speeds hit 5G.

Gigamax363d ago

Wow, great suggestion for what Sony should do! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and offering your viewpoint. Not much else we can say, you hit the nail on the head here.

moomoo319362d ago

After Playstation now's example, idk why any of these publishers would pursue streaming. Being able to download like on EA access and xbox game pass is ideal, streaming games just sucks. Lag, artifacting, lower resolutions. Absolutely the worst way to play anything.

Prince_TFK362d ago

You are right. The technology is not there yet, sadly. I would love to see streaming evolve somedays as our internet speed increases and the price is acceptable.

Bleucrunch362d ago

Yea the streaming is bad because the backbone of the US internet system is still copper as opposed to Japan and Korea which is fiber. You also have the fact that internet service providers are not giving the best bandwidth and robbing us monthly, streaming won't work under the current infrastructure.

InTheZoneAC362d ago

I just started a free ps now trial for some of the PS3/ps4 games that I don't already have. But looking at the entire list now they have a lot of great and good games, much better than their list a year ago.

If I were serious about this it's $14.99/month for 3 months, not a bad price.

battlegrog362d ago

The market is on all devices . So many people at some point will want streaming services for computers and phones. No ones showed a good service plan yet

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Gigamax359d ago

This seems to be a common feeling among gamers right now. You are definitely not alone.

AnubisG362d ago

They can showe this up where the sun don't shine along with NFS Paycheck and Star Wars Lootfront 2.

MetalGearAlex362d ago

that already sounds like a horrible idea. and anything EA (or generally microtransaction related game from any company) I steer away from. Hope gamers start doing the same and prove their point to the big wigs.

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