New Dota2 Patch Changed Everything

Dota 2 is a game that needs no presentation! It has fascinated generation after generation and it is the most popular and well-payed eSport out there. But life as we knew it changed with the Dueling Fates update that was deployed last month and in a new Opinion Piece, it is examined how the World of Dota 2 Changed forever.

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Big_Game_Hunters335d ago

its just another Meta, it won't be anything like how Alliance changed the game year 3.
The new MMR system won't matter much, eventually it will iron out and you will end up in the same bracket. Thankfully valve was smart enough to give it a few weeks before rolling it out, so people don't abuse post new patch broken heroes to raise that new MMR and inflate the brackets.

Garethvk335d ago

0its not my thing but Lots of people are crazy about it.