StarCraft 2 is now free to play

As promised, StarCraft 2 has just gone free to play. This means that players around the world will get free access to the full award-winning Wings of Liberty campaign and the multiplayer competition of StarCraft II’s ranked ladder.

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datriax429d ago

Wow. Blizzard sure are nice people. Giving out this game out of the goodness of their hearts.

Surely, there is no spin on this for them benefit from the surge in players and potential money pots they might siphon from over time. No, surely not.

Blizzard, you are such generous and kind people. Truly.

ccgr429d ago

As Sheldon would say, "Sarcasm?"

PapaBop429d ago

As a certain fembot would say, "No shit, Sherlock"

stinkytofus429d ago

Its a smart way to convince people to pay for hots and lotv