It will take 4,528 hours or $2100 to unlock all base-game content in star Wars: Battlefront 2

Just a heads up. With the system implemented in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, it will take you quite a big wallet, or tons of free gaming time on your hand, to unlock the whole game.

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4Sh0w339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

OK if true that is ridiculous and I will take back my comments regarding the issue, I just dont believe anything because I've seen alot of false reports in the gaming community. ME Shadow of War was the last good example, most of the early rumors were BS....I want to know what's the real deal???

mocaak339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Most likely bullshit, just like all the other articles exaggerating microtransactions in other games like Shadow of War and For Honor.

RememberThe357339d ago

Cut those numbers in half and your still talking about way too much. The numbers might be exaggerated but if they're even near the ball park there's a problem.

Criti-Choco339d ago

@4Sh0w @RememberThe357 , its not remotely close. if it takes 15000 to unlock vader and you can get 350 points in a 10-15 minute round thats 3500 in 2 hours so you are looking at 8-9 hours for the 2 most expensive heros out of 6 unlockable ones IF you dont factor in completion of challenges. In reality you can earn enough for both luke and vader (total of 30000) in 10-15 hours. The other heroes 10k and under. and Iden is only 5k which you get just by beating the story.
Star cards are probably the bigger grind as when you reach epic level which means you need to get level 20 to even do, which at that point you should have enough credits for crates, you will need 200ish crating parts to upgrade a card.

one round = ~350 credits
rounds to unlock 10000 character = 30 = 7.5 hours (without challenge rewards)
so thats roughly 22.5 hours for 3 characters by only playing galactic assault. and one freebie after the story.
so you're looking at about 40 hours for everybody if you plan on just playing rounds straight up

its still alot of time to get but its not nearly as bad as people paint it out to be.

arkard339d ago

@criti-choco did you read the article? You act like heroes are the only thing to unlock. You forget about star cards and having to upgrade them. Also you didn't factor in time to beat the story mode. Even if time required to actually unlock everything is 1/5 or 1/6 what his math works out to be, your still looking at 700 to 900 hours, which is rediculous.

MeteorPanda339d ago

someone replied to a similar comment l made, said in under 4 he had two characters unlocked and didnt even know what uproar the net was speaking of.

so l am just steering clear of this fiasco til the dust settles cause it looks like a bandwagon of misinformation

bouzebbal339d ago

this is the reason why i always hated western productions.. they are rarely made with passion for gamers to enjoy them.
not you people have your eyes to cry.. you had a chance to say no thanks to many things like Day one DLCs but instead you chose to support it and it became a standard today.

UltraNova339d ago


"one round = ~350 credits"

I have a question since I havent played the game. Does everyone get 350 credits after the round ends or is it a performance depended reward sytem? If you have to be God level player to get 350 credits per round while casuals or even regulars earning anywhere from 50-200 credits then your numbers must be heavily adjusted.

Many-hat5339d ago

The best anyone can be expected to do is look at the evidence for themselves, consider all sides, and come to a rational conclusion. The fact you are prepared to do that is commendable, whatever your view is.

EatCrow339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

You have to take into account player sure some players had issue with Shadow of War whereas others found no issue based on playstyle.

That said...if the gaming community says something about a game...I would take heed. Gaming community isnt in the habit of lying...taking sides yes but not lying. Exaggerating a little perhaps but not lying.

Devs on the other hand have been caught lying multiple times.

Thats assuming theyve kept the number of credits you earn as high as it was before..theres been reports that not only was their a recution in price of heroes but also a reduction in credits earned...specifically from the campaign.

Criti-Choco338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

@Arkard yea you can waste your time bickering about semantics needing EVERY upgrade, which i doubt would still take 1000s of hours let alone 100s. but you have every available asset that you can use much sooner than that, not upgraded, but usable.

@UltraNova its performance based i would believe, theres rounds where i dont get to do much and i get 210 or so, but most rounds im top 5 ish on my team and ive had as much as 390 in a round. I would assume you dont get much for coasting a game.

@EatCrow the numbers seem the same as they were in the early access trial, i can get 500 credits for challenges, theres some challenges that even get you 2500 and 1000 in arcade modes, require a bit of time but easily doable, not to mention you get daily rewards which i think gets you 100 per arcade game (you can lose and still get that) x 10 a day i think, thats easy credit making while you work on arcade challenges. some of the arcade challenges have high numbers like, 1000 headshots or kills as light/darkside hero, but you are allowed to complete them on custom arcade modes so just set the ticket count high, AI to your preference and turn on one shot mode, its an easy farm if you choose to do it that way.

take into account that they already mentioned atleast a week ago they are working on these values as they go so things are likely to get bumped up either way, with or without a media uproar.

Goldenarmz338d ago

Then Criti, if its based on performance then your math is all kinds of wrong and moot. Casuals should be able to play with Vader jus like die hard school kids out on summer break can play him. It makes no sense.

indysurfn338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

There will always be fools defending these things. That is why companies have been doing it. They can fool some of the people ALL OF THE TIMES.

And at the start all they have to do is ease it in. Then turn the screws, it works for taking away consumer rights even.

UnHoly_One338d ago

This game might be a mess, I don't really know, but at this point I'm going to assume everything is being blown out of proportion by the gaming community and that in reality it's not that big of a deal.

People lost their damn minds over Shadow of War and those Microtransactions were pointless. They would barely even help you speed things up, much less be "required" to finish the game like everyone tried to say.

So congrats, gaming bloggers, I now trust EA more than I trust your BS.

darthv72338d ago

Anybody remember the days when you could just enter a cheat code and unlock stuff in the game? Who is to say an exploit like that isnt still somewhere in the code...... somebody will figure it out.

4Sh0w338d ago (Edited 338d ago )


-Exactly, I could cut and paste all day the false stuff said about that game, I almost believed it, luckily there were a few lonely voices of reason saying its not true= Finally I played it for myself and what do you know I can say for a FACT the fear mongering was totally uncalled for. Its a traditional game with added MT's that you don't need. lol, all that panic for nothing.

-Its sad that even some otherwise decent websites joined in the bandwagon without a proper hands on, fortunately I've learned to be skeptical from past outright lies by websites in order to kiss up to fanboys and sorry but I always take random gamers complaints on n4g with a huge amount of skepticism, frankly they cry about t every little thing, while mostly my real life gamer friends just enjoy gaming, something they dont like they just say "that sucks" and then dont buy it.

- That said, it does seem different here. I don't put it past EA to have a very shady pay to win scheme in this game, so I'll have to wait a bit to see what the consensus is. If not it's a buy, if so I stand by reasonable gamers and REFUSE to buy it.

ClanPsi1338d ago

Really? Are you f**king r*tarded? Any amount of loot-boxes ruin a game and should lead to a total boycott.

rainslacker338d ago

If EA was smart, and really wanted to push micro-transactions, they'd make Jar-Jar Binks the only playable character when starting the game. I bet their revenues would be through the roof day one. No one would complain about the grind, because everyone would pay more for the good stuff.

SierraGuy338d ago

That's incredible...your telling me it's not designed to steal and steal and steal some more from people. We all have that one friend who has to unlock everything. What a joke.

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lelo2play339d ago

I'll spend exactly 0€ and 0 hours in Star Wars Battlefront 2... unless they release it F2P, then I might give it a try.

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kickerz339d ago

I'm disappointed cause I really wanna buy this game 😔

joab777339d ago

It comes with a PC too! Holy hell! Of course they are gonna do this because they wouldn’t unless there are actually a lot of people who actually drop this much money over time. As a business, of course you want this. Damn!!! That’s a return on investment for sure.

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NapalmSanctuary339d ago

Its why I haven't bought any crates yet. Just waiting for the controversy to drive the cost down to hopefully the 1000-2,500 range. 4k for a trooper crate just isn't reasonable.

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arkard339d ago this just shows how wrong this is. It doesn't matter if you ban unlock stuff in time because those that are willing to pay will be dominating for weeks until everyone catches up.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen339d ago

oooo!!!!! A 2000 dollar game! Now that's edgy.

NapalmSanctuary338d ago

If your talking to me, I'm referring to in game, earned through play currency, not real money or the in game currency bought with real money.

Crazyglues338d ago

The Slap to the face felt around the internet.... :)

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Snookies12339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

I'm good, thanks.

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raWfodog339d ago

I personally love a good grind if it doesn't feel tedious to me but I could never put 4500 hours into a single game. That's crazy.

xPhearR3dx339d ago

Oh I do to, until you realize that every single character or class you play you don't ever level. It's all tied to the stupid cards. Want a level 10 Heavy class? Playing 5,000 hours won't do anything. You need 2 purple cards slotted to even reach level 10 to unlock the 3rd card slot. You know how much it is to upgrade a card from blue to purple? 480 crafting parts. I've played 5 hours of MP and have 445 crafting parts. You know the ONLY way to get more? Take a wild guess? Loot boxes. Oh you want loot boxes you said? Well your capped at around 400 credits (not crafting parts) per match. A trooper crate is 4,000. Roughly 10 games of around 30 minutes each to buy ONE loot box. Didn't get a heavy card? Well, grind out 10 more matches and hope the next box has it.

It would take somewhere around 2,000 crafting parts if you wanted to buy 3 basic cards and upgrade them to purple to allow you to actually equip all 3. Times that by each playable thing in the game and the number are going to look insane. That 75% Hero reduction was the SMALLEST problem with the progression system. Again, I'm 5 hours in and already feeling the pay gate heavy. That's not okay.

Neonridr339d ago

look at all that replayability.. :P

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TankCrossing339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

4528 hours play for just £50? Oh Mr EA, you are so generous! /swoon

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XiNatsuDragnel339d ago

No thanks I'll take my money to Dragonball FighterZ

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Chaosdreams339d ago

We can all take pride in this.

Paytaa339d ago

Can't wait to feel that sense of accomplishment when I dump a month's pay into Star Wars!

Bobafret339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

I have a friend who is 50 and stalks the stores on launch day for new action figures. He will delay rent in order to buy the shit.

HollowKnight338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

@Bobafret for a second I thought you'r comment was one of those "I have a friend making over $15k a month working from home. here's (Insert shady website) "