Xbox One X Noise Levels Measured: Quiet Like a Ninja

The Xbox One X certainly packs a punch, but it's also quiet like a shinobi lurking in the darkness. Luckily, there are no sharp blades or poison involved.

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Gwiz389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

A silent system is not always a good sign,definitely not by default nothing to worry about.
It's still a pretty small box that has to cool all components,why would silence indicate it's cool?
That maybe applies for liquid cooled systems,definitely not always a good sign for fan based systems.

lawgone389d ago

It uses vapor chamber cooling, which still requires a fan as does pump driven liquid coolers. Either way, if the fan is running really high it’s an indicator your hardware is being pushed really hard which could mean a shorter life. Plus it’s just annoying if it’s loud.

timotim389d ago

It actually runs about 12 to 15 degrees cooler than the PS4 Pro! Its not just quite, its also cooler.

zerocarnage389d ago

Of course it's good. My mate spent grands on a high end pc some years ago and his was silent as hell also with his liquid cooling inside, they're just ace along with a good fan rite power running.

Kiwi66389d ago

Pretty sure that the people who designed the Xbox X know what they're doing

Gwiz389d ago

Actually 1 person understood my point. *smh*

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NoPeace_Walker389d ago

The X might be the quietest console ever. The only time my X makes any noise that I can hear from 6 feet away is when it is installing the data of a Blu Ray from the disc drive.

4Sh0w389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

You're actually using game discs?....ewww. lol, just kiddin but yeah I'm 100% digital besides the Planet Earth 2 4K bluray I just brought.

TankCrossing389d ago

The original One was also largely inaudible. Of course it was also big enough to store furniture, so it wasn't as impressive a feat of engineering (unless you really needed somewhere to store your furniture).

zerocarnage389d ago

No the fanboys got hit with the X's sharp blades and poison with all the disagreeing,downvoting and just being complete blind jackasses with there comments all the time, oh how wrong they were for the 7,368,976,56 time on n4g site alone.

Y'all got hit with the X BLADE!!!!

Kocurstvo389d ago

But still not as quiet as the launch Xbox one unfortunately....

MrZweistein389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

The console was quiet, the power brick not so much!

Kocurstvo389d ago

Do you mean transformator made some noise? WTHell?

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