Does Nintendo Offer the Best Bundles?

Plenty of companies offer console bundles that pack together games and software. But which one is the best? Could it be Nintendo?

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strayanalog338d ago

Undeniably, yes. Remember those NES and Super Nintendo bundles? Those alone are the benchmark of how to do it right.

Big_Game_Hunters337d ago

hell no, that Odyssey bundle is a rip off.

MrMagz337d ago

The Odyssey bundle is literally the same price as buying all the content individually (Switch+game+case=$380), plus the unique red joycons. I do wish that it were only $350-$360, but it is certainly not a rip off.

Big_Game_Hunters337d ago

a color change and a shitty pouch isn't worth 20$. Let alone a good bundle which is supposed to give some kind of value.

ApexWolf22337d ago

Not since the SNES. If anything the shift towards digital pack in games vs physical media further depreciates the overall value, especially considering how Nintendo handles digital content rights...

Servbot41337d ago

The current switch bundles are ripoffs; you'd be better off buying a physical copy and the price is the same as the bundle which has a digital copy.

michellelynn0976337d ago

I got a Switch, 3 games and DLC with an extra controller for 450, not bad actually.

Servbot41337d ago

Was that a Gamestop bundle? Because that doesn't sound like a Nintendo offer, which is what the article is referencing.