Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Review - IGN

The Ultra versions pump Sun and Moon full of smart improvements.

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-Foxtrot340d ago


Looks like the same game with a few new things so they can get away with splitting another "sequel" up rather then doing Pokemon Stars, the single game.

DigitalCentralMedia339d ago

Pokemon Stars was just a code name it would have been same as Ultra Sun and Moon anyways. Ultra Sun and Moon are third versions and Stars would have been a third version too.

-Foxtrot339d ago

A third game is basically the same game but improved fully while adding exclusive features from each game into one package

Ultra Sun and Moon are basically the same game except telling an alternative story which features exclusive features and Pokemon to each game

So in a way this isn't "Pokemon Stars" as the real Stars game would basically just be an Ultimate collection of Sun and Moon in one packaging.

It's basically Nintendo wanting to get people to spend more on both copies.

339d ago