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Lex: With all those loot boxes and microtransactions that would eventually give the players an advantage, the community rallied and voiced their opinion after the beta last month, and even until now, on Reddit, that one thread was a massacre. Despite Electronic Arts’ reputation, I still give them the benefit of the doubt. I don’t want to be blinded with resentment when I review a game, especially this one in particular. I love Star Wars, I’m a fan, but my fandom wouldn’t lead me into giving the game a high score if I know that it doesn’t deserve it.

But before you continue to read, I want everyone to know that a pre-release code was provided to me yesterday by Electronic Arts. To shred the “bias” or “paid to give a good score” connotation, I will update my review this Friday to show you that I bought the game, and that there’s nothing free when it comes to this. I’m a consumer like everyone else, and it stays that way.

So, let’s move on to the review now, shall we?

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OB1Biker337d ago

Interesting and straightforward read. Thanks

Cy337d ago

This is how everyone should review games. Personal bias and agenda pushing have no place in journalism outside of editorials.

Vectrexer337d ago

So if it's like COD or BF it's automatically bad?
That's the impression that was given I stopped reading there.

ForeignFly337d ago

The force of many p1ssed off gamers, yup yup