EA explains why they reduced the cost of campaign credit payout by 75% for Star Wars Battlefront II

EA responds to a tweet from Andrew Reinder, executive editor of Game Informer, concerning yet another change to the abysmal credit system of Star Wars Battlefront 2.

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UCForce1311d ago

Excuse and excuse, EA. I'm sorry, but it's already too late.

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rainslacker1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

In the past few days, I've witnessed EA scramble more than I have seen them do for the entirety of last generation.

I wonder if they ever come to the conclusion that constantly throwing PR at this, trying to justify their tactics in the process, is just not working, and maybe realize that the community aren't idiots.

XiNatsuDragnel1311d ago

EA with your BS at it again.

lociefer1311d ago

its a good strategy: target 300%, start at 800%, keep lowering it bit by bit and see how much you could get away with, they win either way and we get screwed. STOP....BUYING....EA GAMES

C-H-E-F1310d ago

except Live, Live is well done, way better than 2k in the MT arena

Relientk771311d ago

EA you did it because of the backlash

InTheZoneAC1310d ago

But the time it takes the same time to unlock everything, nothing changed

Summons751310d ago

Oh EA, generally when you receive criticism you don't do the opposite and make the need for the P2W worse. At this point I think they are trying to torpedo this game harder than WB did with Shadow of War.

Jinger1310d ago

How did they make it worse? They dropped all hero prices 75%.

Chaosdreams1310d ago

In doing so they also subtly (and without speaking about it - until being caught) reduced the credit reward for completing the campaign. So what was initially 20,000 credits was slashed into 5,000.

They just can't have people easily obtaining a hero... No. We need to grind and be "proud" of our accomplishments. *Cough* While others throw money at it and destroy others in the multiplayer aspect.

Well I say we, but I sure as heck won't be buying this garbage. Visually beautiful, but it's rotten at its core.

Jinger1310d ago


Bruh, they did that because the campaign reward was to unlock Iden, the main character, who was priced at 20k and now after the update is only 5k. So the reward scaled down to what she is worth after the update.

UCForce1310d ago

You are seriously blind. Are you seriously defending the abuse system in AAA games ?

Jinger1310d ago


I"m not supporting anything, I don't buy MT's, I'm just not a whiner about optional shit.

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