Can An Overwatch Movie Succeed Or Should Other Options Be Explored?

Activision Blizzard isn’t content on merely letting their shiny new toy sit in a glass display case only to be taken out every once in a while, so they’re throwing around the idea of creating an Overwatch movie.

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-Foxtrot363d ago

The animation shorts are great, it could work. I'd like to see a trilogy like

Overwatch - The Rise of Overwatch and how it was formed
Overwatch - The Fall of Overwatch and how it fell from grace
Overwatch - The Rebirth of Overwatch when Winston calls them back together and what they did next

Summons75363d ago

Only if it's like their animations from the people who make them. If it's like the World of Warcraft movie then don't even bother making more trash.

shadowraiden363d ago

it wasn't a World of Warcraft Movie it was Warcraft Movie. it was a movie set around Warcraft 1's 1st campaign and followed it pretty close, so dont state trash comments when you have no idea.

Summons75363d ago

Bad CGI, poorly written story doesn't matter how close it was, terrible acting. Yeah, I know what I'm talking about. It was sh** and a waste of time.

shadowraiden363d ago

poorly written story? so them following the original Warcraft 1 story is bad? this isnt LOTR level of story they can work with.
show me actual proof of any bad CGI there wasnt any at all. sure their was questionable choices in how they went about the CGI and where it was used but in no way was it bad.
acting was so so but again very limited by the base material it followed.

"know what im talking about" yet couldnt even say what it was and called it a world of warcraft movie when it wasnt and was never advertised as such.

but then im on N4G the place of shithead know it alls so what do i know.

Summons75363d ago

You want proof of bad CGI? Watch the movie, there is your proof. That alone proves you clearly didn't watch it and are some sad fanboy somehow defending a terrible movie. Warcraft = World of Warcraft it's the same franchise, sure it's called 'Warcraft' but it's still in the same franchise as WoW and it's what it's associated with. I'm not knocking the games at all though I don't care for WoW. The movie was terrible at a 28% on rotten tomatoes.

shadowraiden363d ago

needs to stay animated as i feel it fits in better with everything OW like the Shorts we have.
needs to try and not get bogdown by trying to add some crazy overarching story line when there is already good story lines to follow, in which case doesn't need to have all the characters be the main stars heck some may not even be in it.

bangoskank363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

The quality of their animated shorts is Pixar caliber. They should stick with that formula. If they go live action the characters that we love will lose their charm.