Travel Back to 1940’s Los Angeles as L.A. Noire is available now for the Xbox One and Xbox One X

Richard writes: "Cole Phelps returns as an LAPD detective to take on the seedier side of Los Angeles in L.A. Noire, a new version of the 2011 detective thriller, that is available now for the Xbox One and Xbox One X."

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PhoenixUp431d ago

It’s the same console though

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PhoenixUp430d ago

Well obviously not the same hardware, but still the same console that plays the same games.

No need to mention both in the headline as if a game could come to Xbox One but not Xbox One X.

NoPeace_Walker431d ago

Another 4K enhanced title for the X.

FallenAngel1984431d ago

What a nonsensical headline. You never see articles say a game is coming to 3DS & New 3DS or PS4 & PS4 Pro.

A game can’t come to Xbox One and not Xbox One X. It’s the same platform.

darthv72430d ago

But... the new 3DS does play games the old 3DS does not. Particularly the SNES VC releases. So I guess it makes sense to inform people that may have one or the other that a game is supported on both...........?

Goldby430d ago

Except any game that can play on the one x must still play on the one....

Unless ms is gonna back track that comment as well about how it's part of the same family

DARK_WOLF430d ago

Ive seen multiple articles stating ps4 & ps4 pro.

Even sony say ps4 and ps4 pro on some games.

Gaming_Guru430d ago

I was thinking thinking the same thing, it’s the same platform. For someone to make a title like that, Microsoft isn’t communicating to the gamers as efficiently as they may think.

Phlapp430d ago

The inference everyone seems to have (intentionally) missed is that this game is out on the xbox one and is xbox one X enhanced. Same game, same family of console, different graphical fidelity and that is worthy of note.

FallenAngel1984430d ago

@ darth

You’re not getting it. If the game is on 3DS, of course the New 3DS will play it.

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