Road Rash styled Road Rage now finally available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Richard writes: "The Road Rash games were classic of the '90s, often being described as beat ‘em ups on two wheels. Sadly, after the release of Road Rash: Jailbreak, the series disappeared. Road Rage is here to pick up the pieces almost two decades later."

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C-H-E-F342d ago

Road Rash is back baybeee!!!

fathertime4464342d ago

Sweet. Been waiting for this game. Hi nostalgia ratting for gamers of the genesis era.
Next mutant football league...

342d ago
OffRoadKing342d ago

Looks alright. Road Rash was a classic, defenitly fond memories of playing that one.

blackblades342d ago

Hell yeah, we need the original classics back. Now ya making me wanna play it.

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