Opinion: EA will eventually shut down Respawn Entertainment

EA is going to shut Respawn down. They aren’t going to shut them down any time soon. It might be several years, maybe even a decade or so, before Respawn gets the axe, but sooner or later, Respawn will be shut down.

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UltraNova338d ago

Most probably. I'm interested to see how long Zambela (spelled wrong I know) will hang around with all them money hungry suits looming over his head 24/7 and who is he taking with him when he leaves.

Now will he retire and spend his recent Payday or create another studio and get aquired by Ubisoft this time around?

Nesflix337d ago

Vince Zampella and I agree with you. I feel like this is a cash out for Vince. He's been doing this a LONG time and it feels like he's just about ready to hang up his cape. I really don't want to believe Vince walked into this without giving thought to what happened to him and Jason West with Activision and Infinity Ward.

kevnb337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

dont forget he started with ea as publisher working on medal of honor. Call of Duty is basically activisions medal of honor without the name.

ps3vita4life338d ago

That’s not an’s a fact lol

Yodagamer338d ago

They don't exactly have a great track record and the studios they have kept open aren't as good as they were before the purchase. Bioware, criterion, and Dice LA (the old medal of honor studio) say hello

The_KELRaTH337d ago

Dice would have gone if it wasnt for buying the team and grabbing the IP for BF Desert Combat

Yodagamer337d ago

The dice la team is the name for the team that used to do all the medal of Honor games back in the day. After the last moh ea restructured the team and they started making battlefield dlc.

The_KELRaTH337d ago

Desert Combat was a hugely successful mod for BF1942 by Trauma Studios. Dice bought Trauma and the IP which was used for BF2
BF2 launches and Trauma is closed down

UCForce338d ago

Just like others who have fallen by EA control. Sooner or later, EA will shut down Respawn eventually.

strayanalog338d ago

Holy crap - tomorrow's news today.

UltraNova338d ago

N4g rules!

Seriously, do you doubt this?

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The story is too old to be commented.