RiME - Switch Vs. PS4 Comparison Video

The visuals and performance of Rime on Switch is compared to the PS4 version.

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porkChop1319d ago

Such a horrible port. The game is barely playable. That is not acceptable. And they had the nerve to charge more for the Switch version, which seems to have been lazily slapped together. Obviously visuals or resolution needed to be downgraded. I get that. But the game looks *and* runs like absolute ass. And on top of that, the file size on Switch is almost double. How does that even make sense?

wonderfulmonkeyman1318d ago

I'll be saving my money for that Doom port and Skyrim.
Wolf next year looks like it'll be great, too, and Xenoblade 2 is right smack in the middle of all of that goodness, on top of good indie games that I want to get like Rive.

My only limitation keeping me from having a huge backlog on Switch already, is not having the money to afford every game I actually want to get right now.

porkChop1318d ago

Yeah, I hope people skip this and save their money for better games instead.

I'm considering Skyrim because I never played the expansions. I have Wolf 2 for PC, but I'll get it on Switch for some on-the-go action. I preordered Xenoblade 2, but I haven't watched much of the gameplay or trailers, don't want to spoil it.

I would buy LA Noire if the price was lower, unlike Skyrim it doesn't have the hundreds of hours of gameplay to justify its price.

But yeah, there are so many good games coming to the Switch. For anyone who already has a PC or PS4, it's the system to buy right now.

UKRsoldja1318d ago

Lmao. Doom runs at 540p and 20fps on the switch at the lowest. Enjoy playing the more demanding wolfenstein at 360p 15fps...

nitus101318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )


If you are getting Skyrim for the expansions I suggest you only play them from the beginning and separately.

The expansion Hearthfire allows you to build and customise different houses which can be interesting although for some a great time waster especially since t does not really impact the game so you can easily have this permanently installed

The Dawnguard expansion allows you to be a Vampire hunter or a Vampire however fairly early in the game you will see increased vampire attacks to the point where you could lose many useful NPC's. You can access the expansion at level 10. I don't recommend combining the Dragonborn DLC since events can get confusing very quickly. Still, it is your choice.

The Dragonborn expansion is a great expansion in that you will only get to start playing it after you have started the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller quest. The hint will be after you are attacked and defeat some dragon warrior cult members. You should be a minimum of level 10 but it is usually a good idea to be considerably higher in level although IMHO having better gear is a must when you sail to Solstheim.

Minor spoiler. Look for a mage who is practicing to fly for a WTF cutscene. 😉

If you really want to get the best out of Skyrim you should be using a PC (60fps or better) or a PS4 or a XB1 and the pice is very much cheaper than that of the Switch's version.

Gaming "on the go" is IMHO is overrated especially for a game like Skyrim where you can sink hundreds of hours into that game. At least a PS4 (base, slim or pro) or XB1 (slim or X) can be considered "gaming when you get there" since they are fairly small and easy to carry.

wonderfulmonkeyman1318d ago

"At the lowest" is a minority case; most of doom runs at 30fps 720P, if not a little better.
And we don't know how Wolf will run on Switch yet, but it's certainly not going to be as bad as a hater like you claims it will be.

Enjoy being a console war soldier.

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VegaShinra1318d ago

Cool game but a poor port.

datriax1318d ago

Should you be comparing it to something closer to parity with the Switch? Like... maybe the NES version of RiME ?

Copat1318d ago

Wow. Just cancelled my Switch pre-order and ordered it on PS4. Really pissed off that I waited 6 extra months for nothing...

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