Revisiting: Crysis (2007) - All Looks, No Brains?

Screen Critics Shaun takes a look back at Crytek's graphical monstrosity Crysis - a game that for years was held at THE benchmark for PC gaming.

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kevnb391d ago

Crysis is an amazing game, the sequels completely lost what made the first game so great while trying to capture the call of duty audience. They made a bunch of money with a pc exclusive then decided they could make a call of duty type game and sell 10 million plus copies easily, huge failure.

Deep-throat391d ago

Didn't read the article, but I am triggered by the title.

Crysis was pure FPS gaming.

Fist4achin391d ago

Hey look, another game EA messed up...

DialgaMarine391d ago

The franchise was never known for its gameplay quality; just how pretty it looked, and what people have been able to do through heavy modding over the years. I remember playing 2 on PS3, and the game was total trash.