Funko Reveals Mortal Kombat Action Figures

Hardcore Gamer: Many have tested their might in kombat, now collectors can add to a growing display of their favorite fighting game. Mortal Kombat action figures have been announced by Funko. These are perfect for fans of the long-running franchise to pick up and either show off or play with!

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Cajun Chicken432d ago

My God. Funko even managed to mess THESE up!

Soulst0rmer432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Wow, these look like trash. They look like Disney Infinity figurines

InTheZoneAC432d ago

I'll just stick to Pops from Funko. McFarlane for an "action figure".

LIGATURE432d ago

With funko wot did you expect

thatguyhayat432d ago

If liu kang saw this, he'd want to die all over again. I mean what in tarnations is that abomination

MazeRunner432d ago

Mcfarlane can do a better job. the destiny figures look awesome