The Issues Of Modern Female Character Design

In the new Persona 5 artbook, it is revealed that project director Katsura Hashino said "all female characters need to look cute" - and this is a problem.

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derkasan339d ago

There are a variety of personality types out there for developers to use.

PeaSFor339d ago

Ugly feminists should seriously mind their own business and do their own games to catter to their "target audience"(or themselves).


Eonjay339d ago

Your comment is more toxic than anything I have heard from them. NO: even if you don't agree with them and they are wrong, they have the RIGHT to have an opinion. That is not toxic. When we overreact like they have some power over us, it becomes a problem. Learn to not blow up when a opposing opinion pops up.
I could easily tear this article apart while accepting Beth's right o her opinions.

PeaSFor339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

"they have the RIGHT to have an opinion"
Never said that they don't, that's exactly why im all for their right to create whatever THEY want, why should we care if you like to hump rocks or prefer to date black chinnese blind albinos transgender in a wheelchair? just create a good product and peoples will be interested in it if its THAT good to beggin with, if you like to shove cactus up your butt..... then whatever float your boat, just dont try to act virtuous and try to control what others should do or not do in THEIR game because it make you feel more virtuous.(and when i say you,.... it doesnt mean YOU Eonjay, it just a figure of speech)

Should we blame florist because they don't sell ugly flowers? Should we make them feel bad because of it? NO, im all for their right to sell ugly flowers that smell like rotten meat if they want to(weird analogy, i know), yet peoples shouldnt alienate peoples who prefer selling beautiful flowers.

so now i guess its just a matter of time before this comment is flagged as innaproriated, because you know, its not a beautiful text.


Eonjay339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

All I see is outrage from both sides. I don't see any real debate. For example, in her peice, she is saying that the devs don't have the freedom to make what they want. She is saying that they don't have what you want them to have. So, just stop there. When you are responding, why can't you respond to her? Why are you responding to an idea of feminism? See my problem. The point isn't about supporting people who like to hump rocks or prefer to date black chinnese blind albinos transgender in a wheelchair. The point is about supporting devs in whatever they want to make. That is something we should all support. She is saying they don't have that.

Edit: florist sell flowers I think are ugly. Your analogy is harsh here because no one is going to alienate you for having cute girls in your game other than the people who don't care about that (or don't like it).

The point is that you don't have to lose cute girls because others (treads lightly) are in their as well. What is up with this all or nothing mentality. And if you are claiming that this is how some feminists see it then point me in their direction so I can break it down.

ShockUltraslash338d ago

The problem is they say their 'opinion' is a dictation, as in what they say has to be obeyed and cannot be objected against.

Eonjay338d ago


I mean we both know it bull. I don't even have to believe half the stuff I say lol.

338d ago
PeaSFor338d ago (Edited 338d ago )


i would even dare to say that today feminism stopped to be about equality and is now hijacked by misandry ideology, toxic avenger.

337d ago
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FlameBaitGod338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Have you ever heard of a male arguing things like this ? exactly lol. Almost every game has ripped, strong males yet we ain't bitching about it because its a ------->GAME <---------, its not REAL, we don't have to RELATE to it. Its there so we can have FUN, something feminist don't know about.

338d ago
Chexs1990339d ago

It's not really a problem if that is what the creator wants. If anyone has a problem, it's the people that takes issue with creational freedom.

Activemessiah339d ago

Exactly... if this person wants ugly characters, then pick up a pencil and draw the ugliest thing man has ever seen on this quadrant of the universe.

Eonjay339d ago

For clarity, she is saying that because its hard to get the female characters, if the devs want them, they HAVE to be beautify or troppy. She is saying quite plainly that they DON"T have creative freedom. While she does claim that things have gotten better she fails to point out that the same thing has happened to male characters. And I am not talking about serialization as this would actually be something different lol. I am saying that both men and women have been regulated to troppy roles in games. This is not a feminist issue.

doughnutsfan339d ago

yeah, i mean, when did we last had a male fat protagonist? the protagonist in AC origins is HEAVILY sexualised, he has a buff body, and you can make him wear nothing but a towel, and no one complains.

Eonjay339d ago


Exactly! She misses this completely. And lets not pretend that you guys are all a bunch of hot cut dudes. Its fine to say we don't care, but if she wants to make this about girls only, we have to speak up.

PeaSFor339d ago (Edited 339d ago )


Mario is a fat italian plumber, getting 'played' by a princess over and over and over for how many years again?

Shiken339d ago

The problem is how easily people are offended by a creator's artistic freedom.

wezowacuh338d ago

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Shiken338d ago

You know what else is hard to believe? The legitimacy of that link you posted...

DrJones338d ago

Gamers are obsessed with looks over substance

Shiken338d ago

I prefer to have both, but thats just me. =P

DrJones338d ago

If looks is your preference, substance is secondary

Shiken338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Who ever said I favored one over the other? I said I support creative freedom in my OP. You do realize that works both ways, right?

ninsigma339d ago

How is that a problem?? He's a creator, has a viwion and he wants to create fictional females in a certain way. What's wrong with making characters cute?? There is no problem here at all.

AeroHayl339d ago

This definitely brings up quite a few valid talking points.

338d ago
Lord_Sloth338d ago

No it doesn't. It's telling him not to make his game in his own way. Dude likes cute girls so of course he's gonna use just that. He also has a lineup of what Japan deems as "highly attractive males" but nobody cares to comment on that.

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