Action-RPG Indivisible Fully Funded, Demo Available To Backers

The people who made Skullgirls are making an action-RPG called Indivisible. Find out how their crowdfunding campaign is going and how you can get an early demo.

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704d ago
OffRoadKing704d ago

Crowd funding is the biggest rip off in gaming just look at Star Citizen. Its funny to me how micrsotransaction draws the biggest manufactured outrage but paying $30 for a buggy unfinished preview build of a game and no one bats an eye.

BenjaMan64704d ago

So if people support big, microtransaction-happy companies like EA or WB, it's bad... but if they instead support smaller indie developers... that's also bad?

OffRoadKing704d ago

Bad practices are bad practices regardless of the size of a company, do Indie developers get a pass just because they're smaller than EA or WB?

Darkwatchman704d ago

Just because a lot of developers use crowd funding for shady things, that does not discredit every single crowd funded project ever. Skullgirls by the same dev was crowdfunded and it is most definitely an in depth and complete product.

OffRoadKing703d ago

Listen man if people are cool paying to play unfinished buggy games, in affect acting as beta testers who have to pay the developer to test their game for them then by all mean s feel free I guess, but I see that as shady and it points out the hypocrisy of the gaming community when that's deemed acceptable but the OPTION to pay for some cosmetic stuff in a game makes people loose their shit.

blackblades704d ago

More waiting still to come.

BenjaMan64704d ago

Well, I wish them luck in their project. I hope everything fares well for them.