EA Dev Receives Death Threats Following SW Battlefront II’s Controversial Progression System

An EA developer has now received numerous death threats following his comments on the progression system in SW Battlefront II.

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XiNatsuDragnel339d ago

Okay that's too far I admit, but these criticisms towards the P2w BS and more are justifed.

Wolfyseyes339d ago

Yeah, there's a difference between "critical of game systems" and "threatening bodily harm on someone over a goddamned toy".

VER1ON339d ago

More interestingly - he didn't even work on the game.

KillBill338d ago

@VER1ON - and yet he commented on the game pointing out that users were wrong in some of their observations and did little but say they were not accurate without giving valid reasons as to why they were not accurate in their claims.

-Foxtrot338d ago

They are going to use this to play the victim and shift attention to this over their shit storm


UltraNova338d ago

Exactly, this is text book deflection.

itsmebryan338d ago

This is the problem. You just over look the fact someone life was threatened! If don't like what they did with the game than don't buy it. These keyboard tough guys get on my nerves. They are just cowards hiding behind a Avatar. I hope they press charges and send them to jail so they can see what tough is. Smh

-Foxtrot338d ago

I work at a God damn shitty retail place and I get that kind of crap once or twice a month from arsey customers...people are arseholes, shouldn't happen but it's life unfortunately, it's not just them who get their life threatened especially on the internet. Yeah it shouldn't have happened but it's a lot different from the guys minding their own business and getting abuse thrown at them for no reason. The awful build up towards MTs and Loot boxes with their stupid responses are going to end up riling some "iffy" minded people off sooner or later.

The fact you are twisting the ENTIRE deal into a handful of typical internet trolls being shitty to cover up the real problem here which started it all shows EXACTLY how EA would play this to take attention away from them. Thanks for the demonstration.

babadivad337d ago

What's the big dust up going on with Battlefield II? I guees I'm a little out of the loop on this one.

What makes their P2W system so much more egregious than the others we've seen so far?

What's in this system that has broken the camel's back?

rainslacker337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

They implemented loot boxes. While that alone probably would have gotten enough criticism, they also designed the games economy to require the average player not interested in purchasing them to go through a rather extensive grind to be able to get the same loot boxes. That's the major issue with their MT....the implementation of how one can get content. Loot boxes are lame enough(no gaurantee of what you'll get), but trying to incentivize buying them through endless grind is even worse.

The more current dust up is that people were criticizing of this design paradigm, and the EA community manager dismissed all the concerns by generalizing the entire community of people complaining as "arm chair developers", which implied that they were too ignorant to really understand what was going on.

UltraNova338d ago

In galaxy far far away...

CloudStrife900338d ago

You get one cookie, just one :)

TheMuffDiver338d ago

Lies a greedy corporate business names EA :)

bloop337d ago

You may or may not get that cookie. Depends if there's one in the loot crate.

Liqu1d339d ago

Hang on a sec. This is the same guy who claimed the information breaking down how long it takes to unlock a hero was inaccurate, but he didn't actually work on Battlefront 2 so how exactly would he know that info was inaccurate if he isn't a dev for the game?

VER1ON339d ago

That's what he claims indeed.

EatCrow339d ago

Thought the same thing. He's full of it.

EatCrow339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Um. I would not call those actual threats. Online Threats should be treated carefully. A lot of loose fingers. I doubt many of those threats, if not all, are genuine.

Twitter should just double down on these kinds of tweets. It should not be okay to write them to anybody regardless of intent. There are real death threats out there that the police should be following through with.. These kids need to receive perspective.

That aside...The actual devs response on the changes so far is BS. Dont release a game that is not in its finished state. I dont care that they can patch things up and tweak things later. Make it reasonable from the start. Starting with removing buyable crates that offer any kind of advantage.

ziggurcat339d ago

doesn't matter if they're genuine. there's simply no reason to threaten someone's life over a bloody video game.

EatCrow339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Never said there is a reason to threaten someone.

And you are entirely wrong. It does matter if it is genuine.
If it is genuine his life is actually at risk.

The police should keep track of genuine threats. Not childish sissy fits.

ziggurcat339d ago

no, it doesn't matter whether it's genuine - you should not be threatening someone's life because of a video game. period.

EatCrow338d ago

Sad to see that you fail to see the point. Yes death threats are serious... Obviously they shouldn't happen of course... But guess what? They did. Let's live in reality for a second. Whether or not they're in fact genuine is factually important for legal and lawful reasons.

itsmebryan338d ago

The sad part is that you are getting downvotes. Smh

itsmebryan338d ago

How do you know what is a real or fact threat?

UnHoly_One337d ago

there's simply no reason to threaten someone's life

You could have just stopped there. The "video game" part is irrelevant.

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OmnislashVer36338d ago

There should be no crates period.

rainslacker337d ago

The vast majority of threats aren't credible. However, they should be taken seriously, and at least investigated to some degree. They should always be reported to authorities, as it is actually illegal....even on the internet. It doesn't usually lead to legal action, but sometimes a visit from police can diffuse a situation, or cause an actual deranged person from actually acting on it.

In most cases, I'd say, better safe than sorry.

I wouldn't condone the use of threats of any kind. Generally, the threat of not selling the game is more than enough, and if enough people won't buy the game because of whatever reason, it will get more attention than random death threats. Just some people aren't all that productive with their time, and think they're being effective, or just being funny by blowing up what is really a small issue into something worth threatening a person over.

I actually do believe that Twitter doesn't allow such threats. They will delete one's account. However, it's all too easy to just make another account. I don't think Twitter pursues such threats, however, it has been known they will cooperate with law enforcement in investigations.

Otherwise, I do agree that the devs response so far has been rather inadequete. I don't feel they've really addressed the valid concerns as of yet. While some of the changes are a nice start, it ignores the bigger problem that people don't like the current implementations of loot boxes, and the game design paradigms that exist around trying to make people feel it a good way to get what they want.

While random loot is nowhere new in gaming, buying random loot with real money is not something I think people should really think is a good idea, and hate that there will be people that support it. I personally prefer to know what I'm getting for my money. Designing a game around making it more desirable to spend money instead of actually playing the game to get what is optional to buy, is just poor game design in terms of art, and makes the product into a pure commercial venture, which I have other issues with since I feel games should be working to be more of an art form, with commercial gain being secondary.

EatCrow337d ago

What you say is exactly my point.
I know that threats are not good...I think everyone knows that here. I wasnt defending it. But making a distinction.
Its the internet...people run their mouths all the time. Almost everyone whose been unpopular in the internet or too popular has received death threats. Its not news really and detracts from the actual issue.

It also makes it seem like the whole issue of pay to win isnt that big of an issue when it is.
Kinda takes away from the actual problem.

Which gets me thinking...I dont use twitter or care to but...these there actual evidence of them?
I would assume theyre open for everyone to see.

rainslacker336d ago

I didn't think you were defending. I just expanded on what you said. For the most part, I think we agree on this topic.

As far as Twitter, I don't use it either, but unless it was deleted, it should be available for anyone to see. Twitter will delete such posts if reported though, and ban the user.

ziggurcat339d ago

say what you want about these kinds of practices, but threatening someone's life is never okay, especially if it's just a video game.

WeebLord338d ago

People on here treat video games like it's a life or death thing, look at how heated people get over toy boxes they play GAMES on. I'm with Ziggurcat, threatening someones life over progression in a Star Wars games makes you a sad, sad, sad individual and it's not acceptable. It blows my mind when people talk about the medium being taken seriously and then just shrug their shoulders at this kind of behaviour, it doesn't matter if it's genuine it paints ANYONE who plays games in a bad light.

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mixelon338d ago

Lol at the disagrees.. Crazy.

At some point common sense seems to have become the enemy.

RememberThe357337d ago

Haha I just thought of the goth kids from South Park. "Common sense is for conformists"