My Sister Bought a Nintendo Switch

My Sister Bought a Nintendo Switch and it's brought us closer together since the SNES days where we used to play together. Every Saturday night we play Mario Kart together. The Switch, and Nintendo by trade, brings Families and friends together, maybe in this manner for the first time since the SNES days - at least for me, when my family would play together, parents included, MOTHER included, every weekend. It's really special and Nintendo is onto something that no other company has caught onto yet.

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guywazeldatatt366d ago

I haven't played games with my sister in 21 years, and we first played games together 26 years ago. The Switch is so special. Mario Kart plays so amazing online too. The Switch is the ultimate social console. It brings people together like no other system does. I love my other consoles, but Nintendo is doing something so special right now. It's awe-inspiring to watch.

Autydi366d ago

I love my Switch. I've been having so much fun with Mario Odyssey.

guywazeldatatt366d ago

my sister has only played it once which is crazy. they tried two player and it didn't work well for them, i was like, play single player! it's supposed to be amazing! lol

emiyaxtousaka366d ago

don't have enough time for odyssey, maybe xmas. Zelda is still eating my time.

emiyaxtousaka366d ago

re:Dark Link, to be honest I think that Galaxy was better from what I've played of Odyssey at friends' places. it will never happen but I really want Maroi Galaxy 3. Still amazing Nintendo has two contenders for GOTY;

emiyaxtousaka366d ago

I'm not old enough to remember those days, jsut 64 and then things went online a little with ps2 and xbox and then we got total online play. reminds me of south park, "the living room is gone".

Software_Lover365d ago

The wii did the same thing did it not?

sidenote: This is not a knock on the Switch (I have one). You have to say these things because people automatically assume that a bad remark means that you are a "hater".

guywazeldatatt365d ago

The Wii didn't really. The game lineup was not nearly as good. The Switch actually has something for everyone; the Wii was a casual mess. Nintendo knows what they're doing now and have focus.

gbsrnctaln365d ago

Lol...hyperbolic much? "Awe inspiring"??? Its a neat device (I have one), but lets just calm right the fuck down.

marloc_x365d ago

..speaking of calming the fuck down..🙄

Black0ut365d ago

Hell yea! Nintendo have always had a place in my heart for multiplayer memories. Loved all the split screen games when I was younger.

I bet MK online is amazing.

KillBill365d ago

Not seeing anything where the Switch does anything that is really far off from what other consoles have to offer? My family is playing together all the time on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Not seeing where a console really beats another in this category when each offers games for people to get together and play.

So tell us all, what is so special about the Switch that makes it awe-inspiring to watch it happen?

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oKidUKo366d ago

Gaming is a wonderful thing. The old gameboy advance gave me and my mother a year long scrabble battle. Good times with Nintendo back then and the Switch is mighty tempting

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DJK1NG_Gaming365d ago

Since it's a Hybrid. You can easily bring it with you to another family member or friend who have one. And you can just use their dock.
And boom. You will probably have 4-6 controllers for local multiplayer.
You don't get that with other systems.

Jinger365d ago

The other systems you can just bring your controllers with you...

DJK1NG_Gaming365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

But can you bring your digital games? Accounts? save data? DLC you have for the games? Unless your account is already on said family or friend system.
Not only that you won't have more than 4 controllers. In most cases it won't even be 3.
Switch local play is can be
2-4 Joycons, 2 Joycon grips, 2 Pro Controllers and with the recent update. 1-4 GameCube controller.
Meaning Switch owners have access to many different type of combination of controllers to use for different people.

Software_Lover365d ago


Yes to all of those. Just unplug your external HDD and you're good to go. I have done it multiple times with the Xbox One X. Of course, you have to have everything saving there for it to work.

Jinger365d ago


All you have to do is login to your friends xbox or ps4 and then you'll have access to all your games you can then just download onto their system. Or if you don't want to download just bring your HDD with you. Most people own more than one controller also, and if you're planning a gaming night just have people bring their own controller. Most people own at least a PS4 or Xbox.

Prince_TFK365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

How about just plug in and play instantly without waiting for download, bringing hdd, bringing controller, login or logout from account, or any other strings attached?

You guys like to make it harder than it has to be.

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yomfweeee365d ago

What did I just read? If they have a Switch, why would you need to bring yours to put in the dock?

I have 4 controllers for my PS4, my family can come play without bringing anything.

DJK1NG_Gaming365d ago

The controllers duh and if you want to play the games you have if digitally.

yomfweeee365d ago

Controllers? Because you can't buy them? Those mini controllers are a pain and suitable in size for 7 year Olds.

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Isn't that the point of any console?

guywazeldatatt365d ago

the switch successes at this where the others don't.

Software_Lover365d ago


......... shoot me.

guywazeldatatt365d ago

I mistyped my keyboard doesn't work right.


yomfweeee365d ago

Only because Mario is an all-time icon. Nothing else.

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