Every Halo Game Should be Xbox One X Enhanced

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "While I was really looking for a Halo 3 Anniversary this year, I suppose that did arrive in the form of a Xbox One X Enhancement of Halo 3. "

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PrimeVinister341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

If MS want to foster good will and trust, they should. Fully agree.
[EDIT]: Also, great article.

maybelovehate341d ago

I still want a proper remaster of Halo 3, even as good as the enhanced version is. Halo 2 remaster was so epic. And yeah, Reach needs some love for sure.

Black0ut340d ago

Reach would be amazing.Good times in that game, good times...

Rude-ro341d ago

They need to move on.
I would agree if they had a large pool of game developers on hand, but they do not.
Unless that is the gist of what Xbox is.. a retro console that plays third party games... but I am not seeing that go far.
You do not release the “newest” tech just to play the games of yore.
Good for that smaller fan base, but does not help much to solidify why to upgrade when upgraded hardware is happening every three years most likely.
Do not get me wrong, the support is cool... but with the limited pool of developers, they should be pushing games and gaming.

mcstorm341d ago

Tbh with the mess tmcc was in when it came out ide love to see Microsoft re release tmcc with halo 5 and 3 remastered but give us players of the tmcc the update for free. I know its a lot to ask for but it would be a great way for Ms and the developers to say hanks for the support but also it will launch the game again to the people who don't have it yet to.

Rude-ro340d ago

They are, basically... if you have the Xbox one x... not the mcc per day. Ie, if you bought the mcc, and an Xbox one x, then you will see the benefits. That is trash to be honest

DonkeyWalrus340d ago

343 did recently say MCC is getting a patch that will fix the matchmaking issues and add some improved visuals for Xbox One X. I think it's too soon for a remastered Halo 5 though.

mcstorm340d ago

@donkeywalrus what I mean is adding halo 5 into the tmcc not make it re-mastered. I did see that about a patch for it though and that's what I mean by do a release of the game including halo 3 re-mastered and halo 5 for £30 but add the game into tmcc for free if you own it or free update to halo 3 and halo 5 for £10 to £15 if you own tmcc.

I know they wont but kind of a good idea and get a few extra sales of the game.

alexh341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Halo reach needs a 4k patch curios to see what that does for the game.

yomfweeee340d ago

Yes, keep focusing in these old ass games and forget about new ones. How's that working for them?

andydalum340d ago

343 is going to do halo it's their only job so if they have the manpower to remaster halo 3 wouldn't prevent other studios from making games even if you had a team to make another game making one from scratch with a studio who only has experience with halo is risky compared to here is a game redo it.

Plus as for old games I wish the gaming community wouldn't of all freaked out when remasters were coming out alot at the start of this gen. I would GLADLY pay 80 to 100 for a remaster of:

Mass Effect 1-3
Dead Space 1-3
Star wars battlefront 2
Final Fantasy Series ( I miss AAA turn based games )
Pokemon Stadium and Snap ( I'd buy a switch just for these)
Burnout Series
Need for Speed Underground 1-2
Star wars Knights of the Old republic
Star wars Pod racer all i remember is was on the N64 loved that game.

Nothing wrong with giving deserving games new life

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