Call of Duty: WWII is still No.1 as three new titles enter Top Ten (UK Sales Charts)

There’s no budging Activision’s Call of Duty: WWII from the top of the charts this week. Not only has the FPS clung onto its debut position, but it also posts the best week two sales for any game in the UK charts this year, beating previous record holder FIFA 18 – which, incidentally, climbs one place to 2nd after matching its previous week’s sales.

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Community337d ago
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Nyxus339d ago
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Vectrexer337d ago

I was extremely satisfied with the single player campaign on this game.

Toby_1981337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

I would like to know which gaming platform sold the most copies.

Lime123337d ago

Well, PS4 leads about 1.6:1 there and Sony has marketing deal/bundles...

Septic337d ago

Yooooo wtf? Forza Horizon 3 outsold GT Sport?! The game came out last year! And Forza 7 beat it too. Shieee!!

Toby_1981337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

It's only UK not the world. Forza is also on two platforms PC and Xbox

Septic337d ago

Yeah I know it's UK.

But Forza Horizon 3 outselling GT Sport? Not saying it's not well deserved; Horizon 3 is, imo, one of the best racers ever made but the game came out last year.

GT is a sales behemoth- I didn't think it would get outdone by both Forza games, let alone one that came out last year.

gangsta_red337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Funny how certain folks always seem to get their geography maps out when sales of Xbox articles appear on N4g

Kribwalker337d ago

this is physical sales only Toby, and PC doesn’t have a physical release so?

Unreal01337d ago Show
Toby_1981337d ago


Where does it say only physical sales in the article🤔

lolosgolos337d ago

GT Sport will be out of the top ten before year end with it's bad publicity even worse if the new content is not free

Septic337d ago Show
_-EDMIX-_337d ago Show
NoPeace_Walker337d ago

"Where does it say only physical sales in the article🤔"

Right here:
"GfK data, which only counts physical sales"


leoms336d ago

it's no use. When news come out that Gt sport sales is ten times both forza's combined he will move the goal post.

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gangsta_red337d ago

Forza Horizon 3??!!

That's pretty strange that a game like that would beat out a newly released game. Especially GT which comes out once every red moon.

Did Horizon 3 get some patch for the X? Maybe that would explain it along side the X sales in the UK.

Septic337d ago

Nah the Horizon 3 patch is not even coming out this year. Early Jan.

Pretty crazy.

Lime123337d ago

Can you understand that Xbox One FH3 bundle is main bundle for Xbox One in UK?

Lime123337d ago Show
Ashlen337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Don't act so surprised this was the X launch week.

If you look at the chart GT Sport in the previous week was rank 5 ahead of both Forza games by 2+ places. By next weeks ranking there is a good chance things will return to normal with GT Sport outselling Forza.

Septic337d ago

GT is supposed to be dwarfing Forza in sales (as we are repeatedly told) not getting beaten by it or worse, a title over one year old?

I didn't see any comments anticipating Forza Horizon 3 outselling GT Sport during the release of the X.

Ashlen337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

And it has been, It's won every prior week.

Forza was boosted by X launch and of course you know that's true.

Nyxus337d ago

@ Septic: well it does:

"Gran Turismo Sport topped the UK all-formats physical sales charts for one week,[33] selling three times as many copies as Forza 7. It did the same in Japan[34] and New Zealand, and got to number 2 in Australia.[35]"

MattE337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Not surprised with the X release.. said this a while back .. the sales will obviously increase with the console release.. Horizon 3 will pick up again when the game gets enhanced In Jan 😊 Great games !

Goldby337d ago

two very different games septic.

one is about going as fast as you can all the time, bumping people into trees and anythign else to make sure you win and the other (GT sport) is about actual precise driving and respect between gamers.

Lime123337d ago

Maybe FH3 is all the time in top because it's main Xbox One bundle in UK? What do you think?

FM7 sold better because XBX release so it got boost.

Sonic_Vs_Mario337d ago

Microsoft doesn't sell physical copies with console bundles, only digital games. GfK data only counts physical sales

Lime123337d ago

First week in UK:

Gran Turismo Sport - 74,000
Forza Motorsport 7 - 27,000


3:1 in UK where Xbox is strongest. What is split for other european countries, like Germany, Spain, France, Italy,....where Xbox One doesn't exist? 100:1?

DeadSilence337d ago

Forza Horizon 3 is bundled in every Xbox One S.

NoPeace_Walker337d ago

Every Xbox One S in the UK?🤔

Stop making stuff up. Xbox One S has many bundles just like PS4 have many bundles including one in the UK with GT Sport

The fact is a 2 year old game is outselling a game in the same genre that just came out a few weeks ago is just Beastly! Oh, Forza 7, without a bundle is also ahead. Double Beastly!

_-EDMIX-_337d ago ShowReplies(3)
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gangsta_red337d ago

The CoD train refuses to slow down!