Op-Ed: Sonic Team need to pick a Sonic and run with it after the beautiful disaster of Sonic Forces

Sean @ FG : Sonic Team need to pick the type of Sonic game they want to make and stick to it moving forward.

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FallenAngel1984436d ago

The three level designers for Sonic Forces had little to no experience designing Sonic levels prior to working on the game.

Jyunpei Ootsu has only worked on Sonic Lost World and the other two never worked on a Sonic game period before.

With that in mind it elaborates on why the gameplay levels in Forces felt lacking since Unleashed, Colors, & Generations.

Travis3708435d ago

For some stupid reason they don't wanna listen to gamers and make the gameplay like Adventure battle. Instead we get the Boost powers and whisps that no one cares about. Now we might even continue to have avatars in the game.

SegaGamer435d ago

You say make the gameplay like Adventure, but i remember there even being a massive amount complaints about those games too. Sonic fans don't seem to know what they want. They complain about pretty much every game, unless it's 2D and full of nostalgia.

I like Sonic in any form personally ( except for Sonic Boom ) but i wouldn't want 2D games only. I have enjoyed the 3D games a lot over the years despite what fans and reviewers say and i would hate for them to abandon it for nostalgia.

Like you, i would like another Sonic Adventure, but i don't see them going back to that type of gameplay because of the complaints going around at the time.

The 10th Rider435d ago

Still, with 2D Sonic in a great spot thanks to the Sonic Mania team, They really should drop classic Sonic gameplay from the next Sonic game and focus on the 3D aspect. They can keep the gameplay they've been using, but surely they can take some cues from Sonic Adventure 1/2 and find ways to bring in at least some of the elements of those games.

Millard435d ago

If only people would stop buying these games perhaps Sega would try something different. Personally I hope we get a follow up to Mania with all new content but what do I know.

SegaGamer435d ago

I'm not going to stop buying the games because i enjoy them. Not everybody thinks 3D Sonic games are bad. There are still a lot of people enjoying them, despite what the reviewers say.

DVAcme435d ago

Sonic Team doesn't need to do anything. Sonic fans are such subnormal sheep that they'll always buy the games in droves no matter how shit they are.

Goldenarmz435d ago

What if they give the license to Insomniac? Imagine a Sonic Game on the level of Ratchet and Clank.