Hitman GOTY Enhanced on Xbox One X

Want to make the most of your shiny new Xbox One X? Then get a load of the 4K video for Hitman (GOTY) Game of the Year edition showing off its new looks. Here are the enhancements for the Xbox One …

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2204d ago

Digital Deals: Dead Island Definitive ($2.49), Doom ($4), Horizon Zero Dawn ($3.89)

If you don’t mind a digital download, you can get three big-name games for cheap. The bargains include Grand Theft Auto V: Online Premium Edition, Doom (2016), and Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition. There are also steep discounts on Agents of Mayhem, Dead Island Definitive Edition, and Hitman: GOTY.

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Immagaiden1387d ago

Nobody has an excuse not to play Horizon at that price

darthv721386d ago

Who doesn't like a good digital deal?

JEECE1386d ago

Hey, I'd much rather buy a physical copy for 20 so I can get 10 out of it later. This digital copy will be worthless.

darthv721386d ago

considering I dont sell or trade my games... the only ones who think this is worthless would be my kids. Since they wont be getting a huge payday from selling my stuff when i die.

FallenAngel19841386d ago

Instead of getting it at $3.89 you’d rathe pay a lot at $20 more just to resell it? Who’s going to give you $10 for this? Gamestop will give you $6.16 cash and $7.70 store credit.

The game often goes on sale for $10 anyway so good luck finding a buyer who doesn’t get this game at a cheaper price themselves

refocusedman1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

So let me get this straight........ you would rather pay 20 dollars for a game that you can get for 4 dollars. In order to possibly receive 10 dollars in the future. 🤔🤔🤔 I dont know, but the math doesnt really add up in your favor. 20-10=10 vs 4 😐

JEECE1386d ago

I'm glad the arguments against digital on here have gotten so stupid that people are taking my comment seriously.

Vithar1385d ago

LOL what kind of Math is that

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Hitman Game of the Year Edition is just $11 for 48 hours only

Hitman Game of the Year Edition is on sale for $10.99 for the next 48 hours only. The deal runs on official Steam key distributor Fanatical. Hitman received mostly positive reviews, averaging an 83 out of 100 on Metacritic.

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Kribwalker1769d ago

I’d rather take that$11 and sign up for gamepass and play it there, amongst a bunch of other games


PS4 download sizes revealed for Hitman GOTY Edition, Nioh Complete Edition and more

The PlayStation Store has revealed the download sizes for the digital versions of several new PlayStation 4 games.

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corroios2210d ago

And people still ask why all the marketing deals with Sony....

2210d ago